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Researchers Neutralize Parkinson's Dopamine Killers 105 writes with news that Iowa State researchers have made a breakthrough that could eventually lead to a cure for Parkinson's. Identifying the protein that kills the dopamine-producing cells in the brain has allowed the researchers to disable it and could be the first step in the development of new treatments. "Now, Kanthasamy’s group is looking for additional compounds that also can serve to neutralize protein kinase-C. By identifying more compounds that perform the function of neutralizing kinase-C, researchers are more likely to locate one that works well and has few side effects. This discovery is expected to provide new treatment options to stop the progression of the disease or even cure it. 'Once we find the compound, we need to make sure it’s safe. If everything goes well, it could take about 10 years, and then we might be able to see something that will truly make a difference in the lives of people with this disorder,' says Kanthasamy."

Comment Re:I don't know what else to say... (Score 1) 107

Aren't humans just awesome?

We build amazing structures that last over a thousand years of constant wear and we invent photography to capture the awe inspiring moments that such marvelous creations cast upon ourselves, then create computers to recreate their 3D Dimensions almost perfectly in a virtual environment using nothing but our pictures that we've taken and our impressive ingenuity.

If you can read this: Pat yourself on the back.

Now imagine in a hundred years or so we'd able to neurally interface with a computer and explore said 3D structures in a pseudo-reality. Now THAT would be amazing.

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