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Comment There is no problem (Score 1) 129

There's a thing called reputation. If the reputation of these prediction markets is that they are manipulated then no on will trust them.

If a news outlet takes information from these manipulated markets, knowing they are manipulated, then that network was really just arbitrarily picking up pieces of data that appear to support whichever political party that station is allied to. They would have found anything that works to support their dialog.

Comment These exceptions would legalize hacking in Canada (Score 3, Insightful) 240

http://tinyurl.com/9wpxjg6 Page 11-12

These exceptions they are asking for are so very broad. Take a look this exception they're seeking,

(a) a program that is installed by or on behalf of a person to prevent, detect, investigate, or terminate activities that the person reasonably believes (i) present a risk or threatens the security, privacy, or unauthorized or fraudulent use, of a computer system, telecommunications facility, or network,

Do you believe the RIAA poses a reasonable threat to your privacy from their new rootkits? Well then it seems, under this law, you could install a trojan horse on their computer, read their files, and then crash programs that might end up help the RIAA from violating your privacy...Like Windows

Comment The GPA system isn't condusive to learning (Score 3, Informative) 441

A class may have the same name and number on a transcript, but that class is completely different depending on who is teaching it.

Take for instance a math class. Some teachers allow notes, give extra credit for showing up, and extra credit on their tests. Yet other teachers do not allow any of that. In the former case a C+ effort can yield a B+, while the in the latter a B+ effort may only yield a C+. The second student may have even learned more than the first one, but the second student made the mistake of taking the harder teacher.

It's this reason students get on ratemyprofessor.com and systematically choose the easiest classes. If students take the harder teachers, even if they learn more, they're punished in their GPAs for doing so.

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