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DOJ Often Used Cell Tower Impersonating Devices Without Explicit Warrants 146

Via the EFF comes news that, during a case involving the use of a Stingray device, the DOJ revealed that it was standard practice to use the devices without explicitly requesting permission in warrants. "When Rigmaiden filed a motion to suppress the Stingray evidence as a warrantless search in violation of the Fourth Amendment, the government responded that this order was a search warrant that authorized the government to use the Stingray. Together with the ACLU of Northern California and the ACLU, we filed an amicus brief in support of Rigmaiden, noting that this 'order' wasn't a search warrant because it was directed towards Verizon, made no mention of an IMSI catcher or Stingray and didn't authorize the government — rather than Verizon — to do anything. Plus to the extent it captured loads of information from other people not suspected of criminal activity it was a 'general warrant,' the precise evil the Fourth Amendment was designed to prevent. ... The emails make clear that U.S. Attorneys in the Northern California were using Stingrays but not informing magistrates of what exactly they were doing. And once the judges got wind of what was actually going on, they were none too pleased:"

Comment Re:Just don't understand (Score 1) 398

Value in a Crypto Currency comes from the community behind it. The people who mine coins have a strong want to see them used, so the miners readily support fledgling coin based businesses and deals. Further demand comes when a crypto currency becomes available to trade on an exchange it has a chance to gain money from traders and investors.

If this process can grow then the currency will increase in value.

Comment Re:Cue the "Keith's owned by big oil!!" accusation (Score 2) 209

Bullshit or no bullshit; that's the way it is. You wanna change it? You think you can do that, and have a plant built, before other renewable sources are cheaper than this potential nuclear plant? We've got to play the cards we're dealt
In some places solar plants are thriving and already are the cheapest form of energy

Comment Cheap Solar (Score 4, Informative) 209

The cheap clean energy is here, and it's getting cheaper. The price of solar is falling fast.

If you're looking to invest more than $50 on LED light bulbs then today's solar is very cheap these days. Here is a retailer that sells some residential panels for only 0.79 per watt. Solar will only continue from here to become even cheaper

Comment Re:Cue the "Keith's owned by big oil!!" accusation (Score 2, Insightful) 209

Attempting to Build a nuclear plant has large upfront costs, takes 20 years, and often results in a half-way cancelled project. By the time a plant could be built, and become operational, other forms of energy such as solar will have since grown cheaper than the cost electricity from the new nuclear plant

Comment Re:All about the rewards (Score 1) 214

Horses are much smarter than cows, and respond much more favorably to human direction. Though cows also poop when faced with anything stressful. The thing is that cows get stressed out by pretty much anything else that isn't another cow. Hence they just crap everywhere.

Comment Re:All about the rewards (Score 3, Informative) 214

Cows aren't really that smart or independent. A cow will not go off on its own to take a crap. Nor will it be smart enough to realize why it is getting food.

Most likely you'll just have cows accidentally get a treat, the other cows will see this, become jealous, and then crowd the reward bowl until they break it.

Reasons You're Not Getting Interviews; Plus Some Crazy Real Resume Mistakes 246

Yvonne Lee, Community Manager at writes, "Not using standard job titles, not tying your work to real business results and not using the right keywords can mean never getting called for an interview, even if you have the right skills to do the job. I once heard advice to use the exact wording found in the ad when placing your keywords. I think you're even more unlikely to get a job if you do some of the things on this list."

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