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Comment Too many cooks spoil the soup (Score 1) 564

It's easy to see your chosen field as something everyone else should learn the "basics" of, but so can everyone else with respect to their field. The first two years of a college degree have become an incoherent mishmash of well intended requirements that blend together into an apathy inspiring sludge. Then when students struggle to care about classes, or only produce bare minimum to pass work, students are told there is something wrong with them. As someone who just finished up his 2-year I saw so very much of this. So many want their subject to be required, but then no one wants to be responsible for the negative consequences of their implementation. It's just the student's fault.

Comment Re:Castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventual (Score 1) 173

Anything can be stolen, but at least investment accounts are insured and my physical goods can be covered by renters/auto insurance.

Between coins getting stolen or lost BTC is just too damn risky. So many seem to think, "Aww, it's just that other guy who got wiped out. That could never happen to me".

Comment Castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually (Score 1) 173

Bitcoin is really an amazing thing. The ability and ease by which you can send any fraction of money anywhere rather easily is quite an accomplishment. Yet, without any sort of insurance I do not believe this market can stand. Sure you can keep your coins in a paper wallet offline, but those coins have to come back online sometime. When they do, you may just be the victim of just the right 0-day exploit and suddenly all your coins have been sent off to a mysterious Bitcoin address.

Was that the majority of your savings? Too bad, so sad. Feel free to file a police report that will do absolutely nothing though.

And so castles made of sand, melts into the sea eventually.

MIT President Tells Grads To 'Hack the World' 86

theodp writes "On Friday, MIT President L. Rafael Reif exhorted grads to 'hack the world until you make the world a little more like MIT'. A rather ironic choice of words, since 'hack the world' is precisely what others said Aaron Swartz was trying to do in his fateful run-in with MIT. President Reif presumably received an 'Incomplete' this semester for the promised time-is-of-the-essence review of MIT's involvement in the events that preceded Swartz's suicide last January. By the way, it wasn't so long ago that 2013 commencement speaker Drew Houston and Aaron Swartz were both welcome speakers at MIT."
XBox (Games)

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One 782

Today at a press conference leading up to E3, Microsoft unveiled its next-gen games/entertainment console, the Xbox One. Their stated goal for the Xbox One is to have a single device provide "all of your entertainment." One of the big changes is increased support for voice and and gesture input. You can turn the console on by voice, and it will recognize you and automatically login. Swiping to the side with your hand will browse through menu pages, and saying "Watch TV" will bring up the TV app very quickly. The same with music, internet, and movies. The new console also supports multitasking — for example, while watching a movie, you can bring up your web browser in a side panel and surf the web at the same time. There is also a built-in TV listings app that responds to channel names — saying "Watch CBS" will switch to CBS without giving it an actual channel number. By this point, you're probably asking: does it play games? Yes. Hardware specs: 8-core CPU/GPU, 8GB RAM, a Blu-ray drive, a 500GB HDD, USB 3.0, and Wi-fi Direct. (They didn't provide the CPU frequency, instead saying it had 5 billion transistors.) The Kinect sensor got an upgrade: 2Gbps of data capture has finer skeletal visibility, can detect minor orientation changes in hands and fingers, and can even calculate your balance and weight distribution. The new controller looks slightly bigger, and is designed to play well with Kinect. They've also updated Smartglass, the remote control software that runs on mobile devices, but they didn't explain much about it. The new Xbox Live will have 300,000 servers powering it, up from 15,000 this year — though, of course, no details were provided about server specs. The console will have native game capture and editing tools — essentially, a game DVR. Saved games will be stored in the cloud, and they have new matchmaking capabilities that operate in the background. Update: 05/21 17:50 GMT by S : Halo is getting its own live-action TV show, for some reason. They'll be collaborating with Steven Spielberg. Microsoft is also partnering with the NFL for live broadcasts and interactive experiences, such as split-screen Skype chats and fantasy league updates. Xbox One will be out "later this year." No price information. it will not be backward-compatible with Xbox 360 games.

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