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Comment Will You Shop Local Like President Obama (Score 1) 430

"So, will you be following the President's lead and shop local this holiday season, or is the siren song of online shopping convenience and savings too hard to resist?"

I think shopping local is great, and I support many local, independent businesses with my hard-earned cash. But during the holiday shopping season, I suspect the President's shopping experience is far different from mine -- considering I don't have a Secret Service detail to scout ahead to the store(s) I want to visit and clear out any other pesky shoppers so I don't have to stand in interminable lines with the unwashed masses.
So yeah -- at holiday season, I go online.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 2) 289

The made a land-line phone that did the same thing automatically. The Telezapper. You put one on your line and when you or your answering machine picked up, the Telezapper would play those tones (SIT Tones) before your message played. I had one and it worked well. Sadly, today's call center software is wily and has figured out that particular exploit.

Now I just don't pick up calls from number I don't recognize. If it's valid and important, they'll leave a message.


Submission + - iPad Mini: Apple's beautiful but compromised cash-in (

MrSeb writes: "Early this morning, right on schedule and in perfect synchronicity, the first hands-on reviews of Apple’s iPad Mini hit the web. In a rather refreshing and pleasant twist, the reviews aren’t universally positive. In fact, it looks like Apple may have finally released a non-perfect mobile device — the perfect accompaniment to the rushed, botched release of Apple’s own Maps app in iOS 6 earlier this year. From the two-year-old A5 SoC, to the low-res 1024x768 screen, one has to wonder why Apple knowingly released a device that is two years behind the curve. For a few cents more, Apple could’ve put an A5X, A6, or A6X inside the iPad Mini, ameliorating any performance issues and instantly making it the fastest tablet on the market. For a few dollars more, Apple could’ve sourced a high-res display. But it didn’t — why? The only explanation that fits is that Apple is intentionally low-balling the consumer, just to make more money. By making the iPad Mini beautiful, and cheaper than the real iPad, Apple guarantees millions of sales — even if the hardware spec isn’t up to scratch, or there are a few rough usability edges. Then, in six months, Apple can release the iPad Mini 2, with a faster processor, more RAM, and perhaps a Retina display — and boom, another billion dollars of profit."

Submission + - NYC Data Centers Struggle to Recover After Sandy (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "Problems in New York’s data centers persisted through Wednesday morning, with hosting companies and other facilities racing against time to keep generators humming as water was pumped out of their facility basements. The fight now is to keep those generators fueled while pumps clear the basement areas, allowing the standard backup generators to begin operating. It’s also unclear whether the critical elements of infrastructure (power and communications) will both be up and running in time to restore services. The following is a list of some of the data centers and services in the area, and how they’re faring:"

Comment Re:Curious about Ting (Score 1) 375

I switched to Ting in August.
The "catch" is that you pay retail for the phone. (not subsidized by two year agreements like on most carriers.) You can stop Ting anytime with no penalty. Even "suspend" your account if you don't need it for a while.

So I paid $240 for A Galaxy S2.
With 2 days left till my bill, I have used 101 minutes, sent 287 txts and used 60Mb of data -- so unless I suddenly make 400 minutes of calls, send 700 texts or download 40Mb of data, my bill will be $23.
(Yes, I'm a light user -- and I tend to do most of my surfing/downloading when I've got wi-fi)

I've calculated that when I switch over my wife and daughter too, I will be saving $100+ per month over AT&T. Even with paying full-price on the phones, it'll pay for itself in about 6 months.

The bad thing is that Sprint is not a great choice outside of major metros. Up here in New England, I'm roaming pretty frequently -- no cost for voice on that, but Ting doesn't "roam" data, so access to wi-fi becomes more necessary.

Overall, for $100/month savings, I'm willing to put up with a little aggravation when it comes to signal coverage.

Comment Re:Maternity leave. (Score 2) 467

Women have a significantly higher chance of taking maternity leave than men. This does on average make them less valuable to an employer. My childfree girlfriend hates this.

It may be sexist and not politically correct to mention, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

The statement is undoubtedly true, whether or not it is consciously applied.

However, following that trail of logic a little further -- why wouldn't salaries start to equalize once women are past typical child-bearing age? If companies are afraid of lost-productivity in younger women, by age 40 or 45, you'd expect to see women's salaries evening up with mens. But studies show that doesn't happen.

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