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Comment Seeking copyright licenses suck.. (Score 1) 307

This is why copyright sucks, it's usually pretty hard to get a license to play something on air, and it costs a lot of money to get that work done. I'm guessing Glee needs a couple of full time employees plus lawyer time to do this. Sure Glee can spend this kind of money but it's really soul killing to do this for anyone who can't employ people todo this.

And yes that's why CC is nice, but CC isn't really the solution because it has such a small "market share".

Comment Re:OSM allows to hide your contributions behind DR (Score 1) 58

DRM is a no no with CC-by-SA, it says it like this: "You may not impose any effective technological measures on the Work that restrict [the access to the work]" ( the CC-by-SA legal code part 4a)

But the license that OSM has adopted, the ODbL will allow you to do what you want with the created map, as long as you give attribution on it (and share the mapdata).

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

I'm somewhere in the 97th percentile by income, but I see much more in common between myself and a girl I know who's working a minimum wage job than I do between myself and Warren Buffet.

You mean like not being able to pay for medical care, not fixing your teeth until it's to late, or loosing your job because you managed to get the flu, got pregnant or broke your leg? It's easy to be envious of those that have it better than you, and hard to sympathize with those that has it worse.

I live a simple life but it is a hell of a lot better than the single mom, with chronic back pains, that cleans our office.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

It doesn't matter, we have multiple parties over here in Sweden but the big ones on both extremes of the spectrum still support things similar to DHS and TSA . Sure the small parties did ensure that we had a little more discussion, but in the end it was still supported by the big parties.

Germany seems like an interesting multi party country to study though, they seem to care alot about privacy. I wonder how that came about.

Comment Re:Dear Apple (Score 2) 471

(G3, I believe, I don't recall and don't know all the models. Sorry.) [....] He had plugged his G3 into one of the (micro/A/B/whatever) USB plugs from his other "standard" USB-charging phone

I had a friend who bought what he believed to be a genuine Apple charger and fried his tablet, the cheap stuff will always be there wether you use an Apple connector or the standard USB version.

Your story would be more interesting if you knew the specifics, i.e could supply make and model of both charger and phone.

Comment Re:Cell phones are usually tied to a person (Score 2) 445

Yes I do find that land lines or stationary phones do have a place, I really like being able to call home to someone, or to a specific place. Especially when I know I can only be helped if someone is at that specific place. But considering the amount of cellphones I can have in my pocket on a bad day I would say cell phones are tied to a service; i.e. the service I provide to my family and friends, my work, and soccer practice etc.

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