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Comment Re:Dear Apple (Score 2) 471

(G3, I believe, I don't recall and don't know all the models. Sorry.) [....] He had plugged his G3 into one of the (micro/A/B/whatever) USB plugs from his other "standard" USB-charging phone

I had a friend who bought what he believed to be a genuine Apple charger and fried his tablet, the cheap stuff will always be there wether you use an Apple connector or the standard USB version.

Your story would be more interesting if you knew the specifics, i.e could supply make and model of both charger and phone.

Comment Re:Cell phones are usually tied to a person (Score 2) 445

Yes I do find that land lines or stationary phones do have a place, I really like being able to call home to someone, or to a specific place. Especially when I know I can only be helped if someone is at that specific place. But considering the amount of cellphones I can have in my pocket on a bad day I would say cell phones are tied to a service; i.e. the service I provide to my family and friends, my work, and soccer practice etc.

Comment Re:It's called a bike path. (Score 1) 1651

Apparently the full quote goes like this:

I joke often about how, if I were in power, I’d employ police marksmen to sit on motorway bridges picking off people who drive too slowly -- Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear fame)

If I was in power I would post laser dolphins targeting the ones who go to fast. Strange that no one has thought of that, oh wait...

Comment Re:It's called a bike path. (Score 1) 1651

Sorry no such law over here, I'm free to cycle in the car lane. I think it's an extremely dangerous law and I will fight hard not to get it over here for many reasons.

But also I'm not sure I want to share a road with you, you sound very aggressive and seem to think that you can decide when it's convenient for me to give room. You have no idea what it happening on my bike right now, so I think you should calm down... Well unless I'm going around in circles and giving you the finger, then maybe you can road rage me.

Comment Re:Australia (Score 1) 1651

There's also the theory that the more cyclists on the road, the lower the accident *rate* (absolute numbers may go up) because car drivers are just more used to seeing them. Holland has probably the highest rate of regular cycling, probably the lowest rate of helmet wearing, and probably the lowest cycle accident rate.

A well maintained bicycle infrastructure may have had something to do with it. In Stockholm the amount of cyclist doubled, but the cycle network went from almost zero to ok (not as in the Netherlands), but the number of accidents are at the same level..

Comment Re:Brains are Fucking Expensive (Score 1) 1651

Do you cycle much? For Commute? The article is about how there's a correlation between forcing helmets on cyclist and the attractiveness of cycling.

Around here ~70% of daily cycle commuters do use helmets so many people think like you, but on the other hand you are complete wrong about car the dangers of cycling is more about road conditions than cars (20% of reported cycle accidents here in Sweden involve cars).

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

Sadly most bicycle accidents only involve one person and are caused by bad roads and bad conditions. Single accidents here in Sweden were 70% of all accidents and just 20% involved some kind of car. Basically what might seem dangerous, city traffic, usually isn't, it can be hard to get used to the stress of a crowded street but it's very safe. What is dangerous are those bike paths that seem lovely and then just end abruptly because of bad maintenance.

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