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Comment Ice (Score 1) 560

I wonder if anyone has tried bringing in a bottle of solid water (ice). Explain at the security personnel that it is not a liquid. No way they can argue with that, you are backed by the law.

The law of physics.

Comment Will not work (Score 4, Insightful) 184

Most people probably won't know what to do with it anyway and it will end up in the bin. The average person will need help installing and configuring linux.

Even if they try installing it they will end up being frustrated for not being able to get things to work. They will end up scarred by the experience and fall back to Windows.

Much better to spend their efforts educating students at universities or school. Even better to get universities and schools to convert to FOSS. This way children are forced to learn and work with FOSS. When they grow up they would be able to use the experience to promote FOSS at home/work.

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