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Comment Re:Windoh's 8 (Score 1) 93

There's good versions, and bad versions. They don't follow much of a pattern except that the good versions are usually refinements of a bad version rather than a major change.

That leads to the good/bad pattern. 95 was bad, then 98 was a refinement which was good. ME was bad then XP was the refinement that was good. Vista was bad, then 7 was the refinement that was good. 8 is bad so maybe soon we'll get a refinement that is good.

Comment Re:Car copycats (Score 1) 194

I've thought sometimes about starting a business venture: all the technology in the 250GTO is old enough now that I could easily build one identical to the originals. Any patents have long expired, and as long as I don't put a "Ferrari" badge on it I should be able to skirt any trademark issues. I'm sure there are enough people willing to buy something like that to make it worthwhile.

Comment Re:As a boxer... (Score 1) 240

Well it was a bit circular in development. We have hands, so wee develop tools we can use with our hands, then practice using these tools makes us better at it...

I think his point was more that our hand /are/ adaptable, breaking your fingers often increases their strength and makes them less likely to break in future, where playing the piano causes them to develop fine control muscles which makes you a better pianist.

Comment Re:Not interesting.... (Score 1) 202

If Google have so offended you by putting them a manuscript on the internet, you should email them. I'm sure they will be happy to refund you the money you spent on it and reimburse you for the time you spent helping them do it. As lucm mentioned: what have you done to bring the Da Vinci manuscripts to the world?

Whether you believe in the sky-wizard or not, lots of people do and understanding exactly what they believe and why they believe it is the first step toward helping them.

Comment Re:Are we any smarter than we were 2000 years ago? (Score 2) 202

I thought your comment started out with people writing on especially expensive meat (given the comment you were replying to it made sense.)

As I read your comment anyway I may as well reply. A good example is the pork/shellfish restrictions in the bible. It was very important for the people back then to not eat these as they quickly go bad in the desert and will make you very sick. These days we have refrigeration readily available so it's not so much of a concern. We should be preserving this knowledge and applying it to the way we choose to live our lives, but we should be doing that in the context of all the knowledge we've gained in the intervening millennia.

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