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Comment Idiot artist (Score 5, Interesting) 376

Lol, just watched the video montage he did of the stunt. Some minutes into the video, after showing a couple of hundred faces, he ponders "Would people look different if I showed them how the computer sees them?" - or in other words "Would people react differently if I showed them I was taking pictures of them?"

As predicted - most did. Next he says "Most just hit escape".

Couldn't help but laugh at his naivety. Of course people would hit escape - they don't want their picture taken you twat!

Comment Re:Godspeed Atlantis (Score 1) 275

I couldn't agree more. I'm totally convinced we'll see a flourishing private space industry well before we're dead. Astroid mining, harvesting solar energy .. something like that must become a motivator for entrepreneurs and investors sooner or later. And the baby steps taken during the tourism era could provide the fuel to the industry's growth through innovation and cost efficiency.

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