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Comment Trying to be realistic (Score 1) 1

It is nice to have a discussion regarding this but some of my friends in the USA are of the same view as me; that US Drone strikes kill innocents and I find it hard to have sympathy with those who have died in the gun attack.

One of my friends from the Royal Air Force was shot down and killed after a bombing raid in Iraq and was trying to land in Kuwait. American's called this friendly fire.

Lets be truthful, nothing is friendly when it comes around to weapons of any calibre.

Maybe some sanity can prevail....enough wars, the people do not want them!

Love NSN

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Farewell Slashdot!!!

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: Many people are submitting their Obituary to dash slot dot dotty black slash slashback. What is your Obituary?

Mine is hacker, soldier, linux, wasted my life installing Gentoo unless paid by the hour, Kinky BSD, wasted life patching dealing with M$ spyware, Carnivore, Magic Latern, GCHQ, burning play stations, parachute jumping, Q Basic, Java, C, C++, LISP, Delphi, commodore 64, Acorn, ZX81 spectrum, camping, survival, astronomy, jedi knight, over-sexed teenager, wife, kids, IRC addict, trance music, bills, credit cards, food, ssl ssh.

My Obituary should read "What a hash he made of life".
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - CT Killings Reignite Debate on Violence in Video Games (

Velcroman1 writes: The Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre has inspired fresh talk about the affect that violent video games like "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto" are having on children and young men like Adam Lanza, who was known by his friends to be a gamer. “It’s impossible to say what caused any given person to commit a horrific act like this,” said Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University and one of the country’s leading experts on video game violence. “But we can say whether violent video games increase aggression and they do.” Bushman’s latest study, published two weeks ago in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, showed that people who played a violent video game for three consecutive days showed increases in aggressive behavior and hostile expectations each day they played. While gamers often scoff at such studies, the evidence is overwhelming, Bushman said. “It’s like smokers saying tobacco isn’t harmful. The scientific evidence is clear,” he said. “A single cigarette won’t cause lung cancer, but smoking over weeks or months or years greatly increases the risk.”

Submission + - Wal-Mart implicated in widespread bribery in Mexico ( 1

Darren Hiebert writes: "An excellent example of investigative journalism conducted by the New York Times has implicated Wal-Mart in extensive bribery, revealing the company as "an aggressive and creative corrupter, offering large payoffs to get what the law otherwise prohibited" in its in-depth story The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Got Its Way in Mexico."

Submission + - "Electric-Shock Handcuffs" Could also administer drugs to detainees (

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: Handcuffs which could deliver electric shocks, drugs and sedatives to people who are under arrest could be the future of law enforcement, after a US company applied for a patent on the device.Scottsdale Inventions LLC made the application, according to the website Patent Bolt.

Submission + - Apple Rejects App Tracking U.S. Drone Strikes (

HairyNevus writes: "Apple has rejected an app called Drones+ to its store three times, which tracked and reported U.S. drone strikes. Josh Begley says the reasons for not allowing his app started with being deemed “not useful or entertaining enough,” then needing to hide a Google logo, and now being deemed in violation of App Store guidelines that prohibit “excessively objectionable or crude content". However, the data in the app is taken from the British Bureau of Investigative Reporting, and is also available in The Guardian's own app. Drones+ merely focuses entirely on the drone strike aspect, sending alerts whenever a new drone strike is reported and displaying a map with pushpins of all the locations the U.S. has hit over the world. This controversy has started a petition asking Apple to allow the app."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Using electric motors to simulate weight training 2

ShadowBot writes: Hello. I'm currently working on a mod project that involves being able to generate different amounts of weight on the fly for something similar to an exercise machine.
My current research is pointing me towards a Torque motor, as a motor that can continuously apply torque even when it is being prevented from moving.
However, will it be able to continue applying this torque even when the rotor is being forced to rotate in the opposite direction to the that the motor is trying to move it in?
Also, is it possible to vary the amount of torque being applied to simulate different weights?

The goal is not just to provide resistance to movement, but to actually simulate a weight which wants to drop to the floor while the user is pulling it in the opposite direction.


Comment You cannot get the staff - broken society (Score 1) 299

This all boils down to basic issues. There are too many distractions in our lives, TV, Apps, Phones, McDonalds, Burger King, Fast Food, Work, Sleep, Pay Bills, Pay Taxes; Do this and do that; stay on hold whilst I waste 45 minutes of your life trying to sort out your utility bill and then these plebeians cut you off and it feels like life is just a game of the Board Game SNAKES and LADDERS

To get anything done nowadays you have to literally shut yourself off. No TV, no phones, no facebook, no twitter, no kids annoying you. Truly you have to get rid of all distractions and have some quality time with yourself. That is the only way to write a manual and RTFM.

If you are writing that manual; do not consult other people as other developers will throw you a curve or throw a spanner in the works. Hence back to no distractions....... write out a draft in full and ignore everyone including your wife.

That is how you complete a cycle of action from start to finish. Once you have the full draft... editing comes later ;)

I hope that helps put some sanity back,

Comment Sorry I do not trust bitcoin (Score 1) 467

There is zero value in bit coins and I wish Max Keiser from Russia Today needs to make a stance with Stacy Herbert on this I know Max Keiser is still a sceptic for obvious reasons.

Bit Coins are being sold to us in a unique way, whereby funds can be transferred. There is nothing tangible with bit coins and it is a con on the back end of the financial crisis to try and replace currency. Please read

If I can give you an example...... If buy gold or silver bullion I want that bullion in a physically tangible asset to which I can own and hold in my own hand.

I do not want to part with my cash with some stock trader on Wall Street or a Corrupt Banker who are quite willing to take millions off you if they can and give you a piece of paper to say you bought $1,000,000.00 in Silver Bullion. That is all you have my friends a piece of "toilet paper". Bitcoin is the same if you ask me and it is a get rich quick scheme on the back end of world financial meltdown; but the ideas of it are sold really well to you.

Just take my advice and be very shrewd with your money and only buy things you physically have an not some piece of paper ;)

Do not get conned!

Love NSN

Comment Re:BSD (Score 1) 183

Hate to break it to you but us in the BSD camp haven't been hand editing much lately either to get the basics going. I haven't edited a xorg.conf in years, or ttys to get x/kdm to run..

Many ports even add themselves to rc.conf to auto start....

Leave those Gentoo stealing BSD ports alone.

Comment Note (Score 1) 1

It would be the first artificial element to be discovered in East Asia, potentially giving the Japanese team the right to name it.

That means it is not an element.

RIKEN’s Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science in Saitama, near Tokyo. Their goal was to fuse the atomic nuclei of these elements to produce an atom with 113 protons and 165 neutrons in its nucleus.

Did some of these results come from Fukushima

I am skeptical and for very good reasons as how Japan has bounced back from a very serious disaster namely the Tsunami and

Anyway the USA must love the Green Atomic Tuna

Comment Iranian Professor of Sociology in the USA (Score 1) 2

I have an Iranian friend who works in the USA as Professor of Sociology who was a Professor in Tehran, has given lectures at Oxford University, Cambridge, he speaks 7 Languages, is well traveled throughout the world unlike some "Plebeians"; whom think they know the wonders of the World when 1 in 3 Congressmen do not even have a passport.

I shall try and be polite, without twisting someones testicles. It is obvious we have many good American friends on the other side of the pond; but why does the US Government have to ruin true friendships with Iran or Iranians?

I am not dismayed; just disappointed that US media is weighted against Iran for all the wrong reasons and this will probably become clear about March 2013 when the USA starts another war they cannot finish.... oh and remember you did lose the war against Vietnam so stop making Hollywood films saying you won the Vietnam war when in actual fact the USA got there Butts (Arseholes) kicked in.

Enough said.... respect Iran and they will do the same back. ;-)

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