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Comment Re:Dropbox+KeePassX (Score 1) 124

I have been using LastPass for a while now. And the more I use it, the more skittish I get.

It's not that I'm really worried about losing access to the 500 or so sites in my database. Most of those I could reset via email.

And my email password has to be rememberable because of my android phone and such.

I just feel really skittish about relying on something that, in-effect, is an absolute book of knowledge about me. I used to keep that book inside my head. Now, it's out there. And it keeps me up some nights...

Comment Re:Sure (Score 0) 508

There's only one kind of "tort reform" that works: real universal healthcare.
- Everybody gets their injuries treated.
- Nobody has to sue each other for medical expenses.
- Personal injury and workers comp attorneys go out of business.

It's what the rest of the industrialized world does, and they pay half of what the US pays per capita on healthcare.

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