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Comment Re:ATM != desktop computer (Score 5, Insightful) 257

Why shouldn't an ATM run Windows? Cue the standard Windows-bashing, but a decently hardened copied of XP is more than sufficient for the minimal work that an ATM has to do.

Also, anyone with any network design sense would vlan & firewall the ATMs off of the rest of the network.

Yes, it's Windows. But without crazy Aunt Judy trying to install her cat screensavers Windows should be fine for the task.

Comment Re:My .02 (Score 1) 399

Hah, I agree completely. I don't mind good friends and close family, but I get irritated when my best friend's wife's sister calls for tech support, when my friend's parents call for tech support, or when the uncle I see once every two years wanted me to completely analyze his website for SEO (not my normal field, BTW).

Anyway, I like your policy.

Comment My .02 (Score 2, Interesting) 399

Not to be a smartass, but...

For the folks (family and friends) that seem to think I'm a free computer repair store I told them to go buy a cheap USB hard drive and just set up a quick and dirty batch file to back things up nightly (or weekly, depending on how big their files are).

I've told them to do this or there's a good chance that I won't be able to recover their files if their PC crashes. This is an easy solution, cheap, and requires virtually no end-user interaction. That last bit is especially important since I've found that they typically ignore even the easiest backup procedures (e.g. copy C:\My Documents to D:\).

As for the original question, I still do attempt file recovery for the stubborn ones who ignore my backup advice. I've had moderate success with various pieces of software. Just Googled "hard disk recovery software." Interestingly enough, different programs have recovered different data on the same HDDs...


Submission + - How Many Scientists Fabricate Research? (

bendytendril writes: A survey of scientists show that 1.97% fabricated results at least once. When asked about the research practices of other colleagues, 72% found their methods questionable. Misconduct was reported more frequently by medical and pharmacological researchers than others.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Smartphone and Netbook, meet Smartbook (

mrspin writes: On the day that Intel secured the right from Psion to legally use the trademarked term Netbook, rival chip designer Qualcomm is pushing a "new" category of mobile device, which the company is calling a Smartbook. As a marketing term, like the Netbook before it, the Smartbook definitely has legs. It's new, catchy and yet derivative enough of existing product categories so as not to scare off consumers. But beyond marketing, what exactly separates a Smartbook from a Netbook and other ultra-mobile laptops before it?

Comment NBD (Score 2, Insightful) 180

Sorry, but this is not a real big deal outside of communities like /. Beta is just another one of 'those fancy tech terms' for most folks, so regardless of whether or not Gmail is beta or not in beta millions of people will still use it as their primary mail service.

Comment Re:I have to say I'm a little frustrated.... (Score 3, Informative) 134

Not sure how long ago you tried to do this, but there are a number of colleges (Bachelors and post-grad) that offer solid Infosec programs now (disclaimer, there are just as many that offer crappy Infosec programs). In-depth training and certification is available for most major/widely-deployed Infosec products, such as Snort ( Also, there are professional training organizations (e.g. SANS) that offer excellent [mostly] vendor-neutral Infosec training. Infosec as an actual field is fairly young, so it's not surprising that there isn't an Infosec program at every college in the country, but there are numerous high-quality training options available.

Comment What? (Score 1) 134

In the most controversial move, the SANS Institute, an independent organization, plans to organize the Network Attack Competition, which challenges students to find and exploit vulnerabilities in software, compromise enemy systems and steal data.

Can someone explain to me why this is controversial? SANS is one of the leading security organizations in the world...

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