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Comment Re:Have you ever looked inside a smoker's computer (Score 1) 1078

That's not from smoking, it's from dust and dander in the air. His father probably has pets.

negative. the orange color is a pretty solid indicator that this is a smoker's house.

a house with pets will have larger hairs (and plenty of them!), those are more like fibers from carpeting.

sure, clean houses get dusty computers, too, that's just the nature of computers because of how air flows through them. a house that is well-maintained will have very fine, soft dust (highly processed by vacuums).

not photograph-able: the sticky-to-the-touch quality of that orange dust. uugghhhghghghgh

my shop does mostly PCs, and we will also not warranty hardware problems on parts with exposed circuit boards (or fans) when they're coated in that gross residue - for both neglect-to-the-equipment and this-is-gross-you-can't-pay-me-enough reasons

Comment Re:Still not going to be Mainstream... (Score 0) 199

Your a fanboy! Look buddy, we're all down with bittorrent here at slashdot. We all ready have huge downloaded folders with books in many formats: .chm .djvu .pdf The kindle is just not the device we want for this task. THE KINDLE IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO MY DIGITAL LIBRARY! and many other people feel the same way.

Comment Re:Poor choice for screensaver? (Score 1) 907

What you're basically asking for is "why can't this free software made by volunteers be as instantly capable with any hardware on the planet as the big corporate monopoly that spends zillions on the same thing"?

you're missing his point (don't worry, i'll spell it out for you!).

people here whine day and night about how (professional) linux distros are not more readily embraced by companies and end-users

so mikefocke says "well make the ui friendly enough so people can use it without knowing silly minute details"

and now you are arguing "whoa whoa this is free stuff what do you expect?"

the point: if it isn't done right, this will never be accepted as a mainstream competitor.

Comment Re:Poor Comp.Sci literacy (Score 1) 876

Due most of the time to poor teacher comp.sci literacy at school (whatever degree). Sometime is also mind laziness that drives people not to literate themselves.


i repair PCs in a mid-sized urban city for a living. 4/5 of my customers come in saying
"My hard drive is broken,"
"My CPU is broken," or
"My modem is broken."

from my personal history, my public high school keyboarding teacher - who taught typing fairly enough - was charged with basic computer literacy immediately before keyboarding instruction began the first semester (this was ~8 years ago). the class was taught to identify parts as "CPU" (the tower case), Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.

i don't think it's much of a stretch to think that my generation - really the first to receive modern PC instruction in required secondary school classes - were given poor information, which spread like wildfire to the friends and family that had zero PC 'education.'

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