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Comment I've got no problem with this. The world is diff.. (Score 0) 119

I am always stunned how fast a chinese company can tool a factory to push out cheap copies of electronics seemingly within days of a rumor or announcement. While I think some ideas and implementations are unpatentable (?), the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that are willing to spend zero amount on R&D and simply copy what other companies spend billions to develop shows that such patents are necessary .

Comment Vehicle is pissing me the fuck off (Score 2) 117

I really like the game but the absolutely retarded vehicle control is pissing me off. Only steering via mouse. Turbo sporadically working and when it does it stays on until empty (2 deaths so far because of that), I can crank the wheels to one side and when I back up the front wheels automatically swing to the other side. Fucking annoying as hell.

Comment Re:Fuck people. Again? Really? (Score 1) 1774

Yes they are mutually exclusive. For starters, there are no evidence of a god. Even appealing to the idea of a prime mover does not mean that the prime mover was a god. And for that matter, what prime-moved the god? (Oh yes, I forget, it always existed, right?)

Evolution is based on facts.
Creationism is based on shit people make up.

You're right, there is no evidence of a God. You're right, the idea of a prime mover doesn't mean the prime mover was a God. What prime moved the God? No idea. And the rest of your quote was just prejudiced BS.

ID doesn't require an omniscient and omnipotent God. Claiming that ID and evolution are mutually exclusive just shows how little you actually know about what you are railing against.

Comment Re:Fuck people. Again? Really? (Score 1) 1774

"These are mutually exclusive views of what to base thought on. You cannot weasel around it. One or the other."

Sorry, no. No weaseling needed. They aren't mutually exclusive. You're obviously biased against the Bible and transferring that prejudice to Creationism. Let the hate go dude.

Comment Fuck people. Again? Really? (Score 0) 1774

Creationism and evolution aren't mutually exclusive. God damn people. You fuckers with binary need to learn not everything is a one or zero.

Eliminating creationism is extremely simple. Just explain life without a prime mover. Once that happens, creationism as a theory is gone. But to continually argue that creationism precludes or eliminates evolution is stupid. And wrong. And you know it.

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