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Comment Re:It's Called 'Experience'! (Score 1) 609

I have a degree in communications (Journalism and PR) but I make my living wearing any number of different IT hats so I know its not the degree, its that desire to learn everything, all the time (and make some of it up as you go) that gets the job done. Hiring managers want someone who knows their unique set of tecnologies. Usually something bastardized through a unique set of politics, budget cuts, sexy vaporware and vendors lies. A system that is the stuff of nightmares in the halls of higher education. If IT managers want students to be able to hit the ground running then we need to teach IT students the way we teach doctors, Lots of OJT with sleepless nights, impossible deadlines and the opportunity for abject failure. Because there is no way the pedantic higher education system can possibly prepare someone to walk into the average "hair-on-fire" IT shop and have any clue.

Comment Re:Obama's been in for 6 years? (Score 0) 217

I used to think Bush was a puppet of Chaney who was hell bent on taking our freedoms to destroy the terrorist threat. Now I wonder if Obama didn't open the big book of really secret shit and mutter "Holy Shit! Chaney was right!" and then start making new plans for protecting our country. Maybe its classified for a big scary reason? We don't tend to think that way because we have the luxury of worrying more about getting the latest iPhone, than being blown up while standing in line for job.

Comment Re:Nokia is dead (Score 1, Funny) 212

Partnering with Google would have killed Nokia because it would have added 2 years of development to get their phones where they wanted them. WP7 gives them a ready to go, high-end OS that is already doing well in Europe. which gives them time to put together a strategy that will either yield an OS of their own or guide development of WP7 or Android to suit their needs.

Comment Uh there is Cerification and then there is... (Score 0) 102

Certifying that you, the CEO know what the hell the nerds did to the system to make it safe and that you agree it is reasonable and sufficient. This won't do a damn thing to help the situation. What would help would be if after ANY security breach of any size, the company be forced to send a press release outlining all details of the breach including the technical details of what the hacker did and failings of their own system or policies. Post the same details to all known social networking sites as well as on their own home page. Post formal apologies to the American people on YouTube. Then the top three levels of executives, the board of directors and the top 5 shareholders would be required to stand in front of the company headquarters and cry out the details of their failure for 12 hours regardless of the weather. That would then drive the necessary "giving of a damn" at all levels necessary to actually empower the IT group to get the job done and secure our economy from enemies foreign and domestic.

Comment Re:The world would be a better place... (Score 0) 142

No different than driving up to your building when no one is there and crashing a wreaking ball into it. Its not an attack, just...sabotage. No one's hurt. I just shut down your business, cost you thousands of dollars in repair and possibly millions of dollars in lost sales. But hey, let's not get too excited over this.

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