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Comment Re:What About The Parents? (Score 1) 436

OK let's think about the parents. After seeing my step-mother shouting herself hoarse trying to get my then teenaged half-brother out of bed in time to get to school every day, I think both of them would have welcomed the extra hour!

As a parent myself, with a son about to go into high school next year, I'd have no problem with going off to work and leaving him to get himself to school. I think the opportunities for mischief are less in the morning, and they've got to start taking responsibility for themselves sooner or later!

Comment Re:you knw where this really needs to be improved? (Score 0, Offtopic) 90

Books. I am an avid reader of sci fi and fantasy, and man, most recommendations out there just BLOW.

Hey do you fancy being a personal recommendation engine for a minute? I love Neal Stephenson - who else should I check out?

I'm living in a non-english speaking country at the moment so rely on amazon for book buying, and I'm waayyyy out of touch.

Comment Re:Dreamhost (Score 2, Informative) 456

I was with Dreamhost a few years ago, too. I switched away to a VPS around the same time some doofus there ran a script that charged everyone for a full year's worth of hosting

I've been with dreamhost for 10 years and I was effected by that, but it didn't really bother me because they sorted it out quickly and the card was re-credited pronto. They had another nightmarish dns disaster a few years back that took them a couple of days to sort out - but look, stuff happens, and I've always appreciated their honesty and regular status updates.

Fact is, if your website is mission-critical you shouldn't be going with shared hosting anyway - but for my purposes (personal and a not-for-profit club site) it's been just fine. The support is excellent - I have just been emailing with them over the last couple of days about some plans for the club site, and I even got responses back over the weekend.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 98

Actually - I once went to by accident and there were ads there. Don't know who is making money from that.

It also displayed that tired old assumption that only "guys" come to slashdot. It's bad enough going to an ad site without being called a "computer-type guy".

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