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Comment Re:Temporary solution? (Score 3, Interesting) 148

As sombody with Type 1, this is indeed the problem with most 'fixes' for the problem. You have to stop the transplanted cells from being destroyed again. There was somthing call 'pig sushi' that I heard about a while ago, that had pig Beta cells wrapped in an coating that stopped the immune system from getting at them. I havn't heard any more on that, but it did tackle the problem head on. Chris

Submission + - Inview EPG service stopped without warning (

wood_dude writes: The Inview EPG service used by several PVR manufactures, Sony included has been stopped. Boxes are still being sold that are arriving without a working EPG, pretty useless to have a PVR withut an EPG. has a petition runing to get Freeview to reinstate the EPG service.

Comment Re:Nice accomplishment! (Score 2, Interesting) 154

With a good macro assembler you can quite easily create your own higher level language. I've done that several times. Porting a game in the old 8/16 bit days from 6502/6809/z80/68000 was just a set of assembler macros for each low level operation of your game creation langauge. Only a few specific time critical bits of code ever ended up in true native, mainly the blit code. Porting games even in assembler was quite quick, you just had to start out with the correct technique. All thoses guys that wrote piles and piles of hand crafted native assembler without useing the macros we're just crazy.

Comment Re:animated child porn (Score 1) 374

What would happen if you had 'real' child porn, but put it through a 'line drawing, edge detection and colour fill' shader on somthing like Photoshop or an auto Rotoscope'r video process. Would it still count ? Could you tell it was from an original ? Where is the line ? I can only see that actual acts against a real child can be sure to cross the line. ps. I'm not advocateing downloading CP, just don't know how the law makers can say where then line is if image possesion alone is a criminal offense.

Comment What about the Manga and Hentai stuff ? (Score 1) 374

What does Japan do about the Manga and Hentai stuff that rest of the world considers child porn but Japan considers 'just drawings', and dare I say part of Japanease culture ? I remember sitting on a train in Japan with the guy next to me reading 'Rape Man' and he was just your average dude going to work on the train. I'm not going to get drawn into a 'what is child porn' debate. But I do tend to think a drawing is a drawing, regardless of what's contained in the drawing.

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