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Journal Journal: Back to Slashdot.

Well, back to Slashdot for me. Had to take a break for a while ... and from Michael's dribble. Well, he's gone, looks like the Eds are paying a little more attention to things.
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Journal Journal: Michael.

Well, i normally rip on the guy for posting the stuff he does, but ya know what? Tonight, he is on target and picking well.

Seriously, he's been balanced and posting stuff the geeks wanna know about (or at least this geek). It is more on target and /.-like - fitting with the rest of the Ed's. i used to bitch a lot about it - but, hey, you know what? Fuck that noise, people can change, morph, and listen (to me? heh, why do that?).
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Journal Journal: Fuck OpenOffice 1

Fuck OO. Fuck it. And here's why:

i use blosxom for my journal-style CMS. So, i write a loooooooooooong ass piece that i want to post at my site. i'd like to spellcheck it as i like to do - no sense in posting shit if it's riddled with a mess of errors (hell, i'm typing this directly as i don't have AbiWord in yet). So i type up all my thoughts and links and reasons and refs in emacs...just my style. It's only text, wtf, why not? i'd run into probs with OO fucking up my quotes, so emacs
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Journal Journal: Michael sucks.

Goddamn, take a look at the stories posted today/tonight by him. Slashdot - Ads for Nerds, Stuff that makes OSDN Money. Or something stupid like that. And then his little "gnutella-still-free-for-all dept." comment on the Real Player story (and the stupid title that he let go through...yet again painting Real as the bad guy). Not that i'm a fan of Real, but fucking christ, if Slashdot wants to keep whatever street-cred it used to have, this moron has got to go. Read

Journal Journal: Launched.

Nothing spectacular there at the moment, but i am just getting started: i know the images still need lots of work, etc. Enjoy the photographs, i have quite a few rolls to develop at the moment; they'll be up soon. Anyway, enjoy the ride.

Journal Journal: The "Ed's"

So, anyway, a few more things have come up. Poor Slashdot has been wandering and waning terribly. No longer really a source of "News for Nerds", Slashdot has floundered under the personal misguidance of its "editors". While many, many people agree that linux is a great tool, most of us do not tailor our lives, beliefs, and pedagogy around it. The "editor's" blind belief in the church of linux has hindered and yes, even harmed Slashdot in the credibility department. They have fostered and encoura
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Journal Journal: The moronic toolishness continues... 1

Post by an AC:

" Re:Troll? What? (Score:0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 04, @03:34PM (#9056000)

'Oh wow. That has got to be one of poorest mod decisions i've seen in a while.'

Given such ridiculously high UID, just how long do you define 'a while' to be ??"

End Post by AC.
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Journal Journal: Ah, the joys of slashdot.


Damn, what a place this has become. Just found this complete fucktard jacking reviews from Amazon book reviews and posting them as his. What a fucking tool. I supose the only real "value" of doing this is to garner mod points...which in itself seems like a "good" idea. Until you stop to recall that the metamods will catch and ass rape you for modding up stupid shit like GNAA and the like.
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Journal Journal: ooohhhhh booooo hooooo!!!

Boo fucking hoo, Michael and the Staff are all pulling out the mod points to pipe me down. Oh boo hoo.

So anyway. Nothing terribly interesting happening today. i did find out something interesting about RedHat: they have a discount service for faculty, students and staff of k-12 and Universities. Sweetness. i was going to be unable to pay $179 dollars for the upgrade to RHEL, but now i can keep RH for my dev, firewall and fileserver machines.

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