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Comment Re:X-25M Death: Firmware bug too? (Score 1) 510

sounds familiar. I had an 80GB early intel SSD (INTEL SSDSA2MH080G1GC) in a macbook pro, which gave me the OSX blue screen equivalent while I was working on it one day without any warning. it wouldn't even boot. Disk utilities under OSX (run from another system, obviously) were unable to even fsck the filesystems, so I replaced the disk. (I had the foresight to make backups, so I didn't lose anything.)

I moved the failed SSD to another machine to take a look at the SMART parameters, which still showed a 96% lifetime left, although it did show read errors after a captive self-test. an email to intel tech support indicated that a secure delete might bring it back to life, and indeed it did. after the secure delete, the drive was reformatted, and I now use it as storage for a couple VMs, and so far so good, although I'm careful not to have anything critical on it.

so no, not graceful. sudden and catastrophic. I'm wondering what a subsequent failure will look like, now that I have smartmontools keeping an eye on it.

Comment Re:Products (Score 1) 497

Itanium (IA-64) is/was Intel's 64-bit roadmap before AMD did the x86-64 hack. I'm not sure if this is a benefit or a curse. It arguably got 64bit to the masses, but it's a 64-bit hack of a 32-bit hack of a 16-bit hack to an 8-bit CPU...

(disclaimer -- I work for Intel, but the views expressed are my own.)

Comment Re:FPGAs as coprocessors? (Score 2) 210

Intel has supported socket-connected FPGAs for years now. A few vendors (including xtremedata and nallatech) offer(ed) FSB-attached FPGAs. Pactron (with Altera FPGAs) and Xilinx are offering QPI-attached FPGAs on the Nehalem/Westmere -EX platform and have announced support for Sandy Bridge.

I work for Intel on these technologies.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 443

you know you're shooting with 400 speed film. throw a polaroid back with 400 speed polaroid film on your medium or large format camera, and _with the same lighting and exposure settings_ take a polaroid shot. it develops in a minute or so, and you can see if you need to adjust, how your shadows are coming out, if your framing and composition is OK, etc. it's like a very slow LCD back.

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