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Comment Re:Awesome (Score 2) 3

Yeah, that moronic law student who testified she's spending more than $80 a month on birth control must never have time to study. I think the health department should be looking at these kids for the sake of public health: that much sex with that many partners has GOT to be public health risk!

Also, isn't this why the libs support Planned Parenthood? Don't they provide birth control for FREE??? No, wait, they support PP because they don't want ethnic children born, they want them aborted... my bad.

My big question to the people saying that it should be supplied "free" is: If it is free why do you have to need a law to supply it?

The answer if course, they want it to be "free" as in stealing from others.

Comment Re:could you find a worse picture? (Score 1) 2

that picture was supposed to show a street sign that said "old cray graveyard" I presume? it was so awful i wont even call it photoshopped because it is an insult to good software, it looks more like it was ms-paint'ed.

It was sent to me and I did the inset in MS Paint. It is smaller on the blog than if you click on it and look at it in regular size.

Comment Re:does it keep track.. ? (Score 1) 46

"It also allows us to send real-time warnings to users who are affected by cryptographic vulnerabilities or man-in-the-middle attacks."

so how does that work? you know who's connected where?

When I first added it to Chrome, it kept "going off" whenever I went to my Blogspot.Com blog. It has stopped now.

Comment Re:Torture Tools (Score 1) 83

Biologist botanist sociologist.. all would probably fit pretty well.

There must be someone out there who graduated with a BSEE or BS in geology and later went on to medical school to become a surgeon.

Yep, now there is my point. Besides, every surgeon majored in something undergrad, many majored in something else besides pre-med.

Comment Re:Torture Tools (Score 1) 83

Then you'd have to listen to endless "damnit Jim, I'm a doctor not an engineer". Maybe if she's kinda hot in a milf-y way, but what if she has a pesky son on board... I suppose its inevitable, eventually.

Oh no, was not thinking that at all. Was more along the lines of an engineer who is also a surgeon, or a geologist who is also a surgeon, etc.

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