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Comment Re:Little frog, Big pond. (Score 1) 153

Anyway, the geeks like me want the coolest device and know how to get the DRM off the books. I wonder if Amazon really cares; as long as it involves one consumer-unfriendly step (such as installing a Python interpreter), then the system works well enough to keep the publishers happy.

Comment Not again, Slashdot (Score 2, Interesting) 143

This is at least the third time /. have run a story saying the filter is dead. Here's the definitive word: There aren't enough sitting days left to get the legislation introduced before the election. So they will introduce it after the election, assuming they win. They have said repeatedly it's still policy, so the election is merely a temporary reprieve. This battle is far from over.

- Colin (from Electronic Frontiers Australia)

Comment Making friends online (Score 1) 165

Some of the software or websites mentioned are good (I would also add ChinesePod to the mix if that's your language of choice) but the article failed to emphasise the amazing opportunities the internet provides to make friends and language partners, for free, from motivated learners overseas. I have studied several languages, and made internet language partner friends who I have visited and had a great time, as a bonus to getting daily language practice. These language partners can be better (and definitely more cost effective) than the paid teachers on offer.

Role Playing (Games)

CCP Announces Console MMO Tie-In To the EVE Universe 89

Hork_Monkey writes "CCP Games, developer of the popular MMO EVE Online, has announced a new game called Dust 514. Building on the EVE universe, this game will provide planetary combat from an RTS and FPS perspective, with significant impact into the space combat aspects of EVE Online. Love or hate EVE Online, this appears to be an innovative way to expand the overall universe by catering to a different gamer audience. A video with a trailer and further explanation was posted from GDC Europe."

Comment Argh! The plan is NOT torpedoed! (Score 1) 308

A journalist reports on a minor development, uses some colourful language ('scuttled'), Twitter goes beserk and now Slashdot is reporting that the whole thing is over.

One senator changing his mind doesn't mean the plan is over. It's still official Government policy. A live trial is still being conducted by six ISPs.

Having one less senator who might support the plan is fine, but the Government can water the plan down slightly, pursue a non-legislative means of getting the filtering enacted, or call a new election at any time. Until the Government publicly backs off from the plan, we need to fight it.

This is really going to throw the spanner into the works of our ability to drum up public opposition (I'm with Electronic Frontiers Australia).


Submission + - Australia Gets a Do Not Call Register

An anonymous reader writes: After much wrangling and fighting, Australia has finally started taking submissions on its new Do Not Call register. Telemarketers calling numbers present on this list, as of the end of May, will be subject to fines ranging from $AU1000 up to over (*places pinky beside mouth*) ONE MILLION DOLLARS (*removes pinky*). There are concerns that the new register doesn't go far enough — that people should opt in to telemarketers' calls, and also quibbling over the exemption of political, religious, and charitible organisations.

But still, an excellent start. Note that the server for the register is running slow as this submission is being typed up — it seems that this move is mildly popular amongst the population.
The Internet

Journal SPAM: Homeless man disrupts Internet2 service 4

HiL? Nah - wrong coast.

Robb writes: "Question: When can a cigarette take down your network? Answer: When you throw it at a bridge and light it on fire."

Authorities say the fire, which also disrputed service on the Red Line subway, started around 8:20 p.m. when a homeless man tossed a lit cigarette. The cigarette landed on a mattress, which ignited and led to a two-alarm fire

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