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Comment Re:I wonder if many install Windows themselves (Score 1) 389

I'm also a Linux user, but I can give you some advice in this regard. To avoid Service Pack woes (and also driver woes if you have a specific system in mind), you can create a slipstream disc that has the SPs and drivers on it.

If you create the slipstream disc once, and reinstall Windows more than once, you've already saved yourself some time.

Comment Re:Just drive your car instead? (Score 1) 395

Hah. Hahah. No sane person drives their car into New York City, especially not Manhattan. You get your choice of a $40/day parking garage, or daily bumper abuse when you so happen to find a spot to park. I don't care how crappy the MTA's service is. It is less crowded, less expensive, and more convenient than sitting in traffic and trying to cram your car onto Manhattan island somewhere.

Comment Re:Last (Score 1) 444

Bill Murray went through a terrible divorce last year where he lost a significant amount of his wealth. And sure, he was in Rushmore, Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers, etc. but he we also the voice of Garfield. So it's not like he's above taking a big, fat paycheck to make a [b]children's movie[/b].

Fixed that for you.

Remember, children's movies don't have to be good to appease the kiddies.

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