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Comment Re:Alarmism (Score 1) 439

Toasters are no longer simple mechanical devices for a reason. If an "appliance" concept really worked, all you'd need is a 555 timer chip and a variable resistor. There hasn't been a toaster that simple in almost 2 decades! Why? Because even the simplest task the human mind can possibly imagine, the most uniform and consistent task a human can imagine, still has too much variability and uncertainty in it.

The "appliance" market in domestic products is DEAD. We don't have single-purpose kiosks that look one thing up, we don't use PDAs, I don't even remember the last time I saw a shop selling single-function clockwork alarm clocks. I think it was some time in the early 70s. Appliances are a failure. People WANT general purpose tools, not over-specialized ones, because you can make the tool work the way YOU work, you don't have to work the way the tool does.

Dont assume what happens near you is what happens in the entire world

Comment Re:Arent online payments actuallt cheaper for them (Score 2) 562

The company is charging extra if customers use a service thats cheaper for the company
Doesnt this have a massive chance of backfiring by a large proportion of people actually walking into and clogging up stores to pay their bills in person?
Or are phone bills so high in US that $2 is an insignificant percentage?

Comment Arent online payments actuallt cheaper for them? (Score 4, Interesting) 562

Arent online payments actuallt cheaper for them?
They need a small team of highly paid people instead of thousands of people across the country to collect cheques from drop boxes and cash at stores.
If they have 1 person per store to collect cash, wouldnt they have to increase the no. by a lot to make up for the extra load created by this fee?

Google Wallet Stores Card Data In Plain Text 213

nut writes "The much-hyped payment application from Google on Android has been examined by viaForensics and appears to store some cardholder data in plaintext. Google wallet is the first real payment system to use NFC on Android. Version 2 of the PCI DSS (the current standard) mandates the encryption of transmitted cardholder data encourages strong encryption for its storage. viaForensics suggest that the data stored in plain text might be sufficient to allow social engineering to obtain a credit card number."

Comment Re:Whoosh (Score 3, Interesting) 159

I would think its better for HIB if the people who would have paid a very small amount pirate it instead
Atleast they will save on the overheads
Though I dont know about their costs, so cant say what that amount would be
Any idea how much it actually costs them for the processing+Bandwidth+costs of keeping the accounts per bundle to breakeven?

Comment Re:Windows 8 (Score 1) 504

Considering the fact that there are NO technical issues with having multiple independant windows on the screen at a single point, why would MS make the Metro UI in the way they have now instead of apps just using the fullscreen mode in normal windows (like some apps already do, games and browsers (F11),etc)
Wouldnt it have been better to have Metro apps running in self contained "windows" which you could maximise/fullscreen as you wanted

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