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Comment Re:Why did this do it this way? (Score 1) 264

Redirect all queries from the malicious servers to a page explaining that they have malicious DNS servers configured and they need to fix the issue.
Some will check the problem themselves, others will call their ISP's,tech support,etc
Someone using the net should have a clue what DNS is about anyways

Comment Re:Make phones like laptops (Score 1) 355

That's the last thing manufacturers want. They saw what happened to the PC hardware market, which was basically a race to the bottom on price. If they can do ANYTHING to differentiate themselves from each other they will, even if it means they have to support hardware themselves. Unfortunately they want it both ways, selling commodity hardware with a "unique" wrapper.

IDK, different laptop manufacturers can differentiate themselves pretty well, XPS,Thinkpads,Elitebook,etc all of them have a reasonably well defined market

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