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Comment Re:Another me-too android phone isn't innovative (Score 1) 420

Explain to me how Nokia is going to fix the problem of shattered screens when no one else can.

I have been thinking about this since you first asked me and I came up with an answer. And that answer is to offer a slightly bulky phone with a classic Nokia look and smell. I'm only half-joking about the smell; the goal should be to make as nostalgic a device as possible down to documentation and packaging, which from what I've seen would actually not be much of a stretch for Nokia. I've only ever owned a couple of Nokia phones, but the one I bought in Panama relatively recently (not so many years ago) was similar to the one I had in days of yore in many ways.

Making the phone retrofabulous would result in sales all on its lonesome, but making it a little beefier would permit making it more shatter-resistant and would fit with a retro Nokia styling which makes it actually make sense, unlike say the rereleased Thunderbird or Chrysler and Chevy's competing pie wagons.

Nokia was also one of the worst offenders when it came to feature checklist engineering. They would build in say a web browser or calendar so they could say they had one but it would be so bad as to be useless.

That is very true, but it's irrelevant if they build an Android phone, because if they do nothing they will serve the desires of the majority of their potential customer base as Android already includes acceptable checkbox apps — and if the customers don't like them, they may swap them out. The smartest thing they could do is provide a couple of Nokia-esque widgets and wallpapers and otherwise leave the damn OS alone.

Comment Re: Doesn't seem all that hard to diff (Score 1) 170

Your approach would show you everything that installs when installing Parallels, but doesn't tell you what is installed for just Parallels Access (the unwanted portion of the Parallels Desktop install).

Step 1: Clone install
Step 2: Install then remove Parallels Desktop on cloned install
Step 3: cmp
Step 4: Profit!

Comment Re:Lost a customer (Score 1) 170

For me, VirtualBox is Good Enough, but there's definite room for improvement and so I can understand why other people would pay for VMWare.

For most people, the free version of VMware Player (they now have a license for Player which will help people using it with mass deployments) will do everything they need to do, so I can't understand why people would use Virtualbox. VMWare is not perfect, I've had it bluescreen itself and so on, but it's worlds better than Virtualbox. Are you worried about government backdoors or something?

Comment Re:No Cooler Master? (Score 1) 133

IME that's true, but they're not particularly quiet. I have a $20 cooler master triple heat pipe with a case-sized fan on it, and it did a great job of cooling my overclocked Phenom II X3 720 (3.2 GHz) and does a great job of cooling my standard-clocked Phenom II X6 1045T (2.7-3.2 GHz, IIRC?) for twenty bucks. The stock cooler didn't really hack it for the 720 even at standard clocks and voltage.

Cooler master will win the price-performance comparison every time, if you're not trying to be quiet. So yeah, that would be boring. Plus, who needs another cooler master cooler? They can afford them for themselves, and don't need a review unit sent to them.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 397

If it involves "working through the system" though, HAHAHAHA.

See Syria for details of how the other way works out. It wouldn't be trying to get out from under a distant enemy of a rich and powerful France this time, but instead full on bloody civil war that would make the last one look very civilised.

It's unclear that anything else will be effective at this point. People who work through the system are rapidly co-opted or symbolically castrated.

Comment Re:Toy? (Score 1) 479

In fact, guns are designed to efficiently put holes in targets. That's the design purpose of the invention as a whole. Some guns really do have features which are explicitly useful for the purpose of making it easier to put holes in humans, however. I've always thought it was bananas to argue that there's no such thing as an assault weapon. The argument is rather that there's no argument for granting a monopoly on assault weapons to the government under the second amendment.

Comment Re:This Was News Yesterday (Score 1) 479

It was his helicopter, so he should have known how big it is. Given the size, anyone with half a brain can estimate the size.

You forgot one eye, he'll need half a brain, one eye, and an estimate of the size to estimate the distance from the apparent size. Conveniently, he now has half a brain...

Comment Re:Is this suicide? (Score 1) 479

Is this considered accidental suicide or something like that? I wonder how his life insurance company (if any) will handle this.

Death by gross negligence, since he was flying the heli near his own head, which is basically equivalent to pointing a gun at your face as you begin to disassemble it. But he's 19 years old, odds are he doesn't have life insurance, nor any dependents. I hope.

Comment Re:They are NOT "toys"! (Score 1) 479

So, a car is a toy? A stove is a toy? A band saw is a toy?

If the car is used just for fun, it's a toy. Etc etc. Many people refer to one or more of their cars as toys. I used to have a 240SX set up for drifting, that is definitely a toy. It's also dangerous. It's not a children's toy. I crashed it once. The person I sold it to crashed it. No one was injured.

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