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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 473

It doesn't matter that much, because the lamp doesn't have to deal with the full heat of an oven anyway. There's a window in the back of the oven's main compartment, and the lamp is behind it. There is airflow past the lamp, so that convection can keep the window and the lamp cool. If you float another lens in between the lamp and the window, which should be easy since many LED lamps are truncated in shape anyway, you should be able to use a cheapie without any special heat shielding.

I recently re-insulated an old oven because mice had mucked up the insulation, and I didn't want to buy another one. It did take me two days (I didn't work 12 hours a day or anything) but I got it all back together with no leaks and with proper function... and learned a lot about ovens in the process.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 473

Building codes (to the extent they are about houses) are far from sufficient to enable you to know how to build a decent house, let alone how to do it cheaply.

yeah, you also have to have maybe seen what it looks like when someone builds a house, once, and paid attention a little. the codes tell you that you need such and such support every so many feet to hold this or that, or if the building is above a certain number of floors, et cetera, to the point that you're not legally permitted to build any kind of interesting structure without getting it signed off by some official mucky muck, which is definitely part of the purpose of such things. But if you do follow the code, assuming it's not contradictory which most definitely is the case in some localities, you will generally end up with a building which is at least as sound as the average shit shack tract home.

Comment Re:Lithium-ion batteries (Score 1) 93

I have seen a few manufacturing kilns before. But there is always the question of what to do with waste heat (and there is ALWAYS waste heat, except for microwaves and light).

it would be nice to see more effort put into actually using genuine waste heat. for example, nobody should ever have to actually expend energy to bake a batch of powder coating, or composites like carbon fiber with a heat-cure epoxy. There's tons of waste heat, well, going to waste, and if we could come up with ways to use it cross-industry we could probably save a lot of power.

Comment Re:Flamebait much? (Score 2) 235

And mentioned, that my based on the definition that I like the most, some of them are journalists.

How is that ignoring the others that contradict me?

The point is that bloggers who are attempting to appeal to popular culture are journalists by definition.

Don't put any stock in karma. Read my posting history to decide how you feel about me. It won't take long.

Comment Re:network specialist (Score 1) 235

Personally, I prefer this one: "writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation",

But that doesn't mean you get to just ignore the one that directly contradicts you, "writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest" unless you want people to think you're a complete asshole.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 473

But then they cost craploads more money, and they still have lousy light. You can mitigate it by using cool and warm together, of course, but it's still mediocre. I just turn off lights I'm not using, and I don't use more light than I need, and I wind up still using little power. I use 40W for light while I'm computing, I use a 12W LED light in the evening while watching TV, my desktop has a TDP around 350W and my notebooks are all 12W or lower. I don't see a need to give up my incandescent lighting.

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