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Comment Re:California people... (Score 1) 395

People in California seem to think that everyone else has this burning desire to live in California.
We don't.

If your neighbors were like you, we'd have no problem with you and yours. Unfortunately, they are still reading Sunset and making relocation plans. By all means, keep out. I for one was born in Santa Cruz, which has been gentrified beyond all recognition, largely by people who were neighbors of people like you, who don't want to live in California.

Comment Re:Try Austin (Score 2) 395

No really, once you leave Austin, you really are in crazy land. Austin is like someone took a piece of California (from Northern California, given the weather) and plunked it down in the middle of Texas, pointed at it, and say "nyah nyah! that's your capitol now!" Because everywhere else is so hostile to people who are different, most of those people have converged on Austin for protection. Even other college towns (like College Station) are good places to get beaten up for wearing funny clothes, or what have you.

Don't get me wrong, SF is also crazy land. But that doesn't make Texas any more sane. All you can really do is choose your type of insanity, and what kind of bad weather you'll have. Will it be cold and foggy 90% of the year, or will it be either blazing or sleeting 90% of the year?

Comment Re:Try Austin (Score 1) 395

You need to live latitudinally close to work. Driving North-South through Austin has become nigh impossible. It was pretty awful ten years ago and by all accounts (I'm still in touch with a bunch of friends there) it's dramatically awfuller now.

When I moved out there I moved out of a $500/mo room in Santa Cruz. I moved into literally the apartment complex closest to work, a brick number next to the bank at the edge of the Arboretum, in the building nearest the bank no less — five minutes' walk from where Tivoli's offices were then located. In between lay many places to make you fat, places where fat people couldn't buy clothes, a movie theater, and a sharper image... I paid $600/mo for 600 sq.ft including a washer-dryer stack in a closet. But you'll want to be another exit North of there if you'll be near IBM, IIRC.

Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 1) 331

People with a clearance can read a story describing the classified documents. They can even discuss the issues that are raised by the story.

They can't read the actual documents on an unclassified system.

They also can't read excerpts from the classified documents, nor discuss the ramifications of the excerpts. These stories and the issues raised depend on discussion of the printed excerpts. Thus, in theory what you say is true, but in practice it's not true at all.

Basically, you can't leave it up to any random person whether or not some information has been "published enough" to consider it no longer classified.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Trying only leads to your friends knowing less than your enemies.

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