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Comment Re:Stop being stupid, H1Bs are good for the US. (Score 1) 274

This is why your government is pushing for this, so stop being paranoid.

Our government is pushing for this because our corporations (which control our government) are pushing for this, because it will help them make money. It wouldn't help them make money unless they could pay the employees less, because there's no shortage of potential employees who are already citizens, unless you refuse to pay them decently. Who needs to be paranoid? It's not a secret that legislation is written and then sponsored (economically) by corporations in the USA.

Comment Re:I don't mind (Score 1) 132

If there really are orphanages full of desperate children, then governments are doing an incredibly poor job of matching them up with willing and capable parents.

Willing and capable parents tend to produce productive citizens, but we have more than enough of those already. Orphanages do their best to produce criminals, who can be profitably filed under "$"

Comment Re:Rentseeking (Score 1) 309

Get a better dongle. The crappy (they are all cheap) ones have problems with Fords OBDII PCM mode.

It's not a hardware, problem, it's...

Also get better software. Understanding extended codes is all up to the software.

Right. You need AutoEnginuity or one other in order to make sense of Fords.

Your main problem seems to be buying 'Fucked Old Rotten Dogs'.

Actually, my 7.3 liter ford has just as much power as a powerstroke, a 94 or 95 anyway, but it does not have a computer. Well, I take it back, it does have one for the transmission, but not for the engine. So there's no codes to be pulled from a PCM, because there is no PCM. The transmission has a TECA and I can pull codes from it with a standard Ford OBD-I reader, or a paper clip and a lamp. But I got a fancy pants reader at a flea market, one clever enough to lead you through the various tests (tell you to hold down the accelerator when necessary for a KOEO test and such) and then print out codes by number. It cost me ten bucks, which is what I paid for the LED flasher that I had previously. I can also get codes from the RABS unit, by grounding out a wire and watching the lamp flash, if there's a code set.

I also own an '82 300SD, which also has a computer for the transmission but not for the engine. It also has a separate module just to run EGR, but it's not doing anything right now. The Ford never had any emissions equipment. If it had a Ford engine, I would never have bought it. I would still suggest to people that they buy something else instead, like a 94-98 Dodge, if they are looking for a classic diesel pickup. There's just no room to work in the rear of the engine bay of the Ford, it's frustrating. The Mercedes, of course, is a peach most of the time.

Comment Re:Older tablets without Google Play; narrowing (Score 1) 143

The Play Store makes it pretty clear which device(s) on your account will or won't work with the selected software.

But does it allow narrowing the search results to applications compatible with a single device on a given account?

Just like your other objections in this thread, this is not really a problem. You can immediately tell whether games will operate on your device by browsing the Play Store from the device itself, which is how most users can be expected to behave. It's also a trivial feature to add, and if users ask for it, they probably will.

Comment Re:Xperia Play isn't the only way to say controlle (Score 2) 143

So if I have a phone or tablet paired to a Bluetooth controller, and I want to use this phone or tablet to search for games that will be compatible with both the phone or tablet and this new "Gooya", how do I set Google Play Store to narrow the selection to only titles that support controller operation?

The new Google Play store with games support isn't even up yet, and you're asking me questions about how it works? This is a trivial implementation issue, the only question is whether Google will get it right, not whether it is possible. Also, features like checking for hardware features on your device are already in the Play Store.

You just put "optimized for xperia play" (maybe in all caps) into your game description

Which means the developer would have to buy specifically an Xperia Play to test on, in addition to a Moga, a JXD S5110, an Archos GamePad, etc. so that they can all be included in the description. That's why searching based on the names of devices of similar capability is unsustainable.

No it isn't, and no amount of claiming that it is will make it so. The developer can simply not support those platforms if that's what they choose. An Android smartphone developer who really cares if their software will run correctly on various platforms already has to buy all of those devices, which are much more expensive than any Android game console current or projected, and most of which actually cost more than a Shield. In practice, this has not hampered Android development unduly. As it is, if you code to the basic standards then your code will work on most platforms (except Xperia Play or Ouya, of course) and the existing Play store does a fairly good job of not letting people install your software if they lack required features, e.g. an accelerometer. I would hope that when games are tightly integrated into Play that it is capable of determining whether your device has a gamepad. Hopefully, it will detect any bluetooth partnerships with gamepads as well.

Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 2) 331

Do they really want their own personnel to be less informed than the general public?

Have you been keeping up with military suicide statistics? The answer is yes, yes they do. How would you feel if you'd thought you were fighting for freedom and democracy, killing people for it in fact, and then you found out that you have neither at home, and in fact the people you're working for are actively acting to suppress them? I don't know either, because I've never taken a job whose description involves flying to other countries, meeting new and interesting people and killing them, but I suspect it would be pretty hard on the ol' psyche.

Comment Re:Is it called Ouya? (Score 2) 143

It's only an issue if they're really incompatible. If your console looks like the Wii U controller, I don't see why anything would have to be incompatible. (Same AC as GP.)

Instead of speculating wildly, you could visit the pages on the Ouya SDK, and then you would know that they've created their own custom mechanisms for talking to controllers. This makes Ouya games incompatible with Android in general, and vice versa. Only games which allow remapping controls to arbitrary input events (pet peeve: this should be all games, but it sure isn't) or games written specifically to support Ouya (which is not complicated, I am not much of a programmer and even I understood the examples) will work on Ouya.

Comment Re:Is it called Ouya? (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Of course it doesn't use the Play Store. It's not meant as a general-purpose Android platform

it doesn't use the Play Store, but that's not why.

It has to have it's own specialized store.

this begs the question, does it have to have its own specialized store? And the answer, for those who know what they are talking about, is no.

You can't very well have a console loading apps that expect a touch screen, accelerometer, etc.

If Ouya would implement emulation of accelerometer from a joystick, then you certainly could. In fact, you could then use a PS3 Sixaxis controller to play those games, by mapping its accelerometer axes. But, they haven't done this. They should also emulate screen touches from controller presses. There's an app that does this, but it's an obvious thing for an android game console to do out of the box.

Even if Google let their console use the Play Store, they would have to wall it off into it's own area.

Why don't you get some relevant experience before running your suck? The Xperia Play uses the Play Store, and it's a phone from 2011. You just put "optimized for xperia play" (maybe in all caps) into your game description, and it automatically shows up in the list of available Xperia Play software in the special games launcher which appears when you slide out the gamepad. In short, you have no idea what you are talking about, and you are just pulling shit out of your ass and slapping it down on slashdot.

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