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Comment Re:because .xxx is nothing like .sex (Score 2, Funny) 266

Clearly, sex and porn is a natural curiosity that all people go through during puberty. That being said, however, there's a huge difference between sex and online pornography, namely one is natural and one is artificial. While I wouldn't necessarily worry if I caught my 12 year old son masturbating, I don't think I (or society) would react well to finding out he has a bondage-preggo-Voltaire's-angry-glove fetish at that age.

Comment Re:100 years sounds good... (Score 5, Interesting) 267

I don't know. On the other hand, the industry has gotten a lot better at reusing connections and being backwards-compatible. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1, I believe. Serially attached SCSI uses the same connection as SATA. We haven't moved beyond 24 pin motherboard power connectors for ages. The new SDXC standard still accepts regular SD cards. The examples go on and on.

Comment Re:The first planned spam... (Score 1) 397

Samsung Laser hater here. Spent all of yesterday trying to set up a CLP-315W on wireless and following their directions failed since my printer, which could see my neighbor's SSIDs but not my own, did not have "wireless capabilities."

Gave up and had to call tech support to find out I had to set it up on ethernet first, put all the wireless info in (manually), disconnect the ethernet, wait 5 minutes for it to realize what happened, then FINALLY have it work. Needless to say, I won't be buying samsung again.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Tesla CEO Musk is Car-Rich, Cash-Poor

theodp writes: He's got 99 Problems, and a soon-to-be ex-wife is one. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk seems to have it all. The electric-car entrepreneur is the toast of Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and Tokyo after unveiling a plan to revive Toyota’s shuttered NUMMI plant. Deal-hungry Wall Street bankers are angling to take his company public. He’s even got a cameo in Iron Man 2. The one thing he doesn’t have, by his own admission, is money. 'About four months ago, I ran out of cash,' he wrote in a Feb. 23rd court filing reviewed by VentureBeat. According to the filing, Musk has been living off personal loans from friends since Oct. 2009 and spending $200K a month while making far less. Tesla Motors, likewise, is dealing with its cash flow problems by borrowing money from a friendly source — the U.S. government, which made $465MM available to the cleantech startup.

A Genetically Engineered Fly That Can Smell Light 111

An anonymous reader writes "It sounds like a cool — if somewhat pointless — super-powered insect: a fly that can smell light! Researchers added a light-sensitive protein to a fruit fly's olfactory neurons, which caused the neurons to fire when the fly was exposed to a certain wavelength of blue light. Adding the protein specifically to neurons that respond to good smells, like bananas, makes for a light-seeking fly."

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