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Comment Re:Another way to save money (Score 1) 851

I bought a second hand android phone and use it with a dumbphone service, the only thing i really miss is having email working wherever i am, but usually when I'm not in range of a wifi network I have access to I'm not in a great position to handle email anyways. But I do have bejeweled and angry birds!

Comment i3-wm (Score 2) 357

I use i3-wm on everything now, the tiling is great on the desktop and the tabbing is awesome on my cute little netbook. Combine that with dmenu to start stuff and keybindings for firefox and thunderbird and I'm happy.

Combine i3 with dmenu and a nice light terminal emulator like urxvt or xterm and you've made me feel at home :)

Comment Re:magnet and hammer (Score 1) 1016

A friend of mine put a rounded neodynium magnet on top of his laptop, right over the hard drive. he liked how the magnet started to spin on top of his laptop, he didn't like how his laptop was unusable after. He destroyed about 10% of his drive's sectors completely. So my suggestion is open the hard drives, get the magnets out. power the drives up and drop the magnets onto the drive.

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