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Submission + - Duke Nukem release imminent! (gamespot.com)

metrix007 writes: Well, as unlikely as it is, the game is finished and playable, and it now won't be too long until it is actually released. Is there any way in hell this game can live up to the hype? Will this be the matrix or star wars of games....something revolutionary that will be imitated for years to come?

Submission + - Researchers Found Vulnerability in MS Office 2010

Darkreading writes: Researchers at VUPEN in France have reportedly found the first vulnerability in Microsoft's new Office 2010 application, but have not publicly disclosed the exploit. The flaw is a caused by heap corruption vulnerability in Excel that, if exploited, would let an attacker run arbitrary code on the victim's machine and take over the machine once the user opened a specially crafted Office document.

Even so, the researchers say that Office 2010 is much more secure than previous versions of the software. "What we can say after this research session is that Office 2010 is definitely more secure than previous Office versions. The use of new features like Office File Validation or Protected View makes the discovery and exploitation of vulnerabilities harder, but we managed to reliably execute arbitrary code via a specially crafted document" they say.

Submission + - Tryanny of S/W HR

An anonymous reader writes: I am working in a reputed Indian Software Company with over 100,000 employees. We get electronic payslips in pdf format. For the purpose of loan I needed hard copy of last 12 months payslips.
In case if a company issues electronic payslips the printout of payslips authorized and stamped by Company HR will do. Easier said then done.
I went to my HR ( or one of their minion) with this request and was aghast at her response. She rudely refused to sign any payslip and declared to make my way out of what is given.
I have 2 questions to ask the slahdotters.

1) Its my Payslip, its perfectly legal, Isnt it my right to ask for a hard copy or a stamped copy when I need it and Company should be obliged to give it to me.

2)Rudeness puts me off and that too when I am all genuine. Its almost a trend in Indian Software comanies, HR & Resource Mangement groups are new age babus (bureaucrats ). They families live on the sweat of the developers, yet they never loose an opportunity to suck their blood also. In what forum (Inside or Outside my company) should I take this matter of HR highhandedness.

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