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Comment Surprised! (Score 2) 18

Many people climb Mt Fuji (3,800m) during the warm season. For those who think the top of the mountain is a deserted place: on the top of Mr Fuji you find vending machines and restaurants... so I'm just surprised 4G was not available until now..

Comment Re:tl;dr It's Guinness Time (Score 1) 82

the Commissioner had not given proper reasoning for WANTING TO PROTECT THE FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND PRIVACY OF EIRCOM CUSTOMERS

So it seems that the Commission lawyers were not competent enough to elaborate a "proper reasoning". If the case happens in another country (or if there is a possible further appeal in Ireland), lawyers have now a good idea at what they have to slog away.

Comment Re:What hasn't he revealed? (Score 4, Insightful) 621

> What concerns me the most is just how aggressively the entire world seems to be against him

Nope. The world is not against him. The world is against the possible [economic] retaliation from the US. That's kind of funny: during the cold war, a time people were worrying about possible armed conflicts, Snowden would have been granted asylum from many countries, including USSR. Nowadays, it seems the economic threat has more impact than nukes.

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