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Comment Re:Tell me about pragmatic (Score 1) 503

Moreover, when a GUI is released, I'd like it to be tested beforehand. Also, it should come with the basic features any decent GUI has. How come something like Unity can be released, replacing the classic gnome, being a bug nest, missing so obvious needy features. That's beyond me. "tinkering and configuring" is the least of my problems.

Submission + - Satya Nadella Tipped As Microsoft's New CEO, Gates May Leave ( 1

Robotron23 writes: Satya Modella, the present head of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise group, has been heavily tipped as Steve Ballmer's successor. Discussion is already erupting over Nadella's potential approach to the company should he be granted the position. Bill Gates, the co-founder and present chairman of the company, may be replaced at the same time.

Comment Re:Not going go down well (Score 4, Insightful) 273

This is why when an official entity, like the UK gov, goes for OpenOffice, ie something open, that will push companies to do the same. Little by little, world will tend towards something more standard and open, and the remaining hard MS officers, will have no other choice than migrate to the new standards if they want their docs readable. This is what happened with Internet Explorer, as more and more people went away IE 6-7, pushing MS to do something more compatible. The difference lies into the fact that MS Office is not free, and, more importantly, MS office is for many companies the only blocking reason they can't migrate to something else, Mac or Linux. I'm not saying they would migrate but at least - after MS Office is gone - most of them can.

Comment Like a movie from a book (Score 1) 166

The best movies I know all come from a book. And most readers are usually the ones who want to see what the book gives on screen (eg LOTR). Thus saying "if the story leaks in a book, nobody will go see it in a theater" is wrong. So, does such leak have a bad impact on the movie success is yet to be proven. With all the media publicity it created (like /.), the leak is probably not so bad for QT (besides, one may wonder why it took Tarantino a week to sue the guy...).

Comment 71 seconds.. (Score 0) 449

Must have been the Scholar's mate (didn't see the video). Meaning even a beginner could beat Gates in 71 seconds. Not to minimize Gates success, but

[he] built a net worth that's in the billions

could he do the same thing today if he was starting from scratch? Make a rather crappy [D]OS for the [at the time] biggest player in the industry [IBM]? Then perform a "IBM gamble" and become a monopoly? Benefit from being underestimated at the time from competition (Sun, Apple, HP) stubbornly keeping selling overpriced hard/software? Doubt that.

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