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Comment Ok, but (Score 4, Informative) 113

ICANN has suspended Domain Registry of America

"First time accepted submitter EpicMaxGuy" didn't even bother to tell us the reason why it was suspended... So for one

Brandon Gray’s resellers subjecting Registered Name Holders to false advertising, deceptive practices, or deceptive notices

and also the article mentions that

mining your competitors’ data to send unsolicited and misleading marketing messages isn’t allowed


Comment Re:Also human (Score 1, Troll) 277

We have ALL forgotten things in our lives

It seems Sony doesn't attach the right amount of importance to domains. Domains should be renewed for 10 years ( has just been renewed, 4 days before expiration, for 2 years), and registrar mails should be directed to a person mailbox. This again shows that Sony neglects its IT infrastructure / (people?) Remember how many times Sony was hacked in recent years...

Comment Re:Freedom of Expression... (Score 1) 424

What they don't understand is the change of era. Before, a review was a note in a magazine. Nowadays there are tons of reviews everywhere on the web, some positive, some negative ; it is now so easy to drop a review that if, for a given restaurant, there are only a 1 or 2 negative reviews, people will not stop there and try the restaurant. In other words a unique web review has much less impact than a review in a magazine as it was the case 20 years ago. The judges don't get that.

Comment Re:Livin' in the USA (Score 4, Insightful) 424

Glad for you. But, in France, out of the thousands and thousands of negative critics on the web, it happens sometimes/rarely that someone is prosecuted. And when this (rarely) happens, the media covers largely the fact, as it definitely is an exception. You can bet the woman will change lawyers, appeal, and win.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 564

Of course such an ambitious project seems so extraordinary that 30 years looks like an unattainable ETA. Actually for some people a "conscious" computer is just unrealizable. Because it's too hard to conceive mentally that one day men will talk to a HAL9000? That time will come, and probably sooner than 30 years. What we miss is not the hardware, what we need is the right algorithms.

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