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Comment Re:As a Web Designer... (Score 1) 199

Some applications are made for XP or even for older OSes, ok. But IE is a browser... It is meant to browse and view the Internet world.
Considering IE6 to be mandatory on a PC because its upgrade would cost an arm and a leg, ok - but in this case, companies should allow a modern browser, eg chrome, to be installed and used for anything other than that medical application.

Comment Re:As a manager (Score 1) 655

It all comes down to liking what you do

While I basically agree with this - that's not enough. I've met great, willing and dedicated guys who did a fantastic development job for 99% of the project lines of code. The rest, 1% of the code, was typically what makes a difference when you hold a degree: algorithms. One guy had a hard time assessing the complexity of his own algorithms - even roughly - this is math. Another one had no clue about race conditions. The problem is the 1% may take 99% of the dev time to get identified / fixed / rewritten.

Please stop hiring unqualified people.

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