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Comment Re:Working as planned (Score 3, Informative) 177

Moreover, the voting system was not well designed: just by knowing the name, address and birth date of someone (eg someone from another party, not likely to vote during UMP primaries), and paying €3, one could vote several times... Sadly, that botched voting system gives the impression the electronic vote is a lost cause. That reminds me of a Windows to Linux migration in a big administration where the migration and training where so badly implemented that people where reluctant to work on Linux, and the whole gave an impression of a big failure.

Comment Re:So, not a Tepco site (Score 2) 72

Unfortunately Japan seems to easily forget about Fukushima and its effects, side effects and future effects. The new Japanese government is in favor of a drastic change regarding power plants future: from an all-stopped-and-deep-check (May 6, 2012) to a lets-go-restart-asap-what-you-can policy. They probably estimate the probability of another such F-event very low (F as in Fukushima, but you can put what you want here). This is one of the globalization problem: economical globalization trend, without global consensus on fundamental issues.

Comment Re:But Why? (Score 1) 311

And if it is big enough, we'll have to deal with the remaining debris of size asteroid/x, and if it is even bigger, we'll have to deal with each y debris-of-debris from the x debris pieces etc ... well, a good way to get rid of all nuclear warheads we currently have on Earth..

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