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Comment Re:Got it backwards (Score 1) 192

This remind me of an old Office file where the MS copyright text was encrypted thanks to a simple XOR value (a few bytes). (There is also that funny story at the time of a Linux tool that only needed the `-d` option to decipher a whole XLS, without providing any password...). Anyway, what was said at the time: while XOR encryption seems very week, if the key itself is as long as the text to be encrypted, and if the key is based on reliable random values (and the key is kept secret), it is indeed a very strong encrytion.

Comment Re:Bad news... (Score 1) 104

Offtopic? This is not a secret that RIAA and the like are not investing any effort in building faster infrastructures ( quite the opposite ). If history was made based on their whims, we'd still be using vinyl records, without even a cassette to make a copy... At 40Gbps, a HD movie is copied within a second...

Submission + - How chilly weather weakens our defenses against colds (

ananyo writes: It's been a contentious proposition but scientists now have evidence that not wrapping up warm does indeed make it more likely you'll catch a cold. A team from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, found that cold temperatures dampen natural defenses against a rhinovirus, the leading cause of seasonal colds, in mice and in human airway cells.
Colds are more common in winter, and researchers have known for decades that many rhinoviruses prefer colder temperatures: they replicate better in the upper respiratory tract than they do in in the warmer environment of the lungs. But efforts to link the viruses’ apparent temperature preference and seasonal fluctuations in incidence have produced mixed results.
The researchers discovered that at cooler temperatures mice infected with the rhinovirus produced fewer antiviral immune signals. They also found that human airway cells grown in cold conditions were less likely to undergo programmed cell death — a defense mechanism aimed at limiting the spread of infections.

Comment Re:It's my party and no one else is invited (Score 2) 212

the Linux Kernel development team in particular is known for its savagery

Considering the 1. high level of complexity and 2. high quality level of the Linux kernel, please keep him out of the regular OSS projects.
When the GIMP or LibreOffice bug (they do that often), I'm just annoyed. The Linux kernel OTOH cannot afford to bear a botched or newbie-made module.

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