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Comment Re:It's my party and no one else is invited (Score 2) 212

the Linux Kernel development team in particular is known for its savagery

Considering the 1. high level of complexity and 2. high quality level of the Linux kernel, please keep him out of the regular OSS projects.
When the GIMP or LibreOffice bug (they do that often), I'm just annoyed. The Linux kernel OTOH cannot afford to bear a botched or newbie-made module.

Comment Re:Yahoo has 22 million .jp users? (Score 4, Informative) 28

Yahoo! Japan (and its fellow Softbank) is incredibly popular in Japan, and plays a top role re Internet: ISP, search, mail, cell phones (SB)...
Question is "why?" Why Yahoo! (mail, search, ...) are still that popular? Why the Japanese didn't follow the Google trend (as much as the Western countries) during the mid 2000, where Yahoo! had (and still has) those very busy pages and (for a long time) the search was of a much lower quality compared to Google, having a lot of results being sponsored by 3rd parties displayed on top without further indications about that sponsoring.
There is a technical answer: most PCs come with Yahoo! stuff, the search is set to Y! and nobody changes that. The thing is, compared to the West, the Japanese do not have that "pursuit of genuineness" reaction - they trust what is popular and Y! is very popular...
Furthermore, there is no strong consumer association in Japan, and abuses (in any field) may remain undisclosed for a long time (yes, there is a connection between Y! and abuses).

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 91

Indeed. 30,000 persons will pay a small amount from a carrier POV. This is a problem with that kind of justice: when someone steals or kill, he has to pay a heavy dissuasive "price", also intended to be understood by other people: "look, this is the 'price' you pay if you steal/kill".
Instead, being rather lenient, the court doesn't discourage that kind of behavior in companies.

Comment Re:C'mon NASA, get your act together on units (Score 1) 66

"size of a small boulder"? This has to be one of the most useless size descriptions

NASA message is intended to be delivered to anybody, not only the /. geeks. While we (/. geeks) are used to numbers and proportions, a "small boulder" - while less accurate - is represented better by most people than 0.634124 meter.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 1105

Most countries would agree on the human responsibility in the global warming. The problem is 'agreeing this' means agreeing that the country has its share of responsibility and should do something about it. We are in a world where everyone (besides maybe Africa and a few others) wants to "enjoy" the economic developments as much as possible, and 'doing something about global warming' goes against that.

Comment Re:Matter of time (Score 2) 215

physicists have figured out the laws of the universe, everything might be mathematics

I'm afraid everywhere is already mathematics... This is the difference between physics and mathematics: change the way our Universe works and physics vanish, mathematics (on which physics formula are based on) remain.

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