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Comment Re:XKCD (Score 4, Interesting) 164

Funny drawing. But it seems the problem here is the interpretation of the Voyager's data. Not the probes that still do a magnificent job. I've always been fascinated how the Voyagers did/do a great job since 1977. Starting by providing really amazing pictures of our "external planets", following a smart path (that could have been even more awesome if budget wouldn't have been reduced) now they're still able to work and communicate successfully with Earth, from a 120+ AU distance, thanks to a 1977 technology.

Comment Re:Warning Systems (Score 1) 32

Warning systems work well for areas far away from the epicenter. The system works based on the principle that seismic waves are far slower than light - ie the information gathered at the epicenter is broadcasted via a network (Internet) to surrounding areas. Destructive seismic waves speed is around 0.5~3 miles per second. The power of the waves decreases with distance. So if the epicenter is right under your feet - the most destructive place it can be - you have zero second notice...

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