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Comment Re:Gahnew (Score 1) 197

2.8 is a major improvement over <2.8. One great thing is export. From 2.8 you work/save on Gimp xcf files, always. Then you export to the desired format, jpg, png, gif... Much better and less ambiguous like that.

Comment Re:finally (Score 1, Interesting) 263

only Japan has a management culture weird enough to keep pumping money into half-baked products like MiniDisc without anyone batting an eyelid

That's not true. The MiniDisc was a great product, I owned and used one for a long time. In Japan it got a pretty decent success, a MD player was usually embedded in hifi systems, and it was also used to exchange data. One problem if any was the DRM (for MDs having music like CDs).

The main problem that was not mentioned here yet, was the Western protectionism. Western countries wanted to slow down the electronics invasion coming from Japan. MD was not "revolutionary" enough to create a need in Western countries that would have counter balanced the anti-Japan products protectionism.

Comment Re:Get it right (Score 1) 61

It's the classic win-win situation. Thanks to radios etc... some otherwise average singers get enough publicity to get a fair number of people to purchase their music, and radios have also to pay royalties for the same music. Thanks to Google news some otherwise ignored news sites (i.e. besides Le Monde, Figaro and Libé) get enough publicity to get a fair number of people to read/know the news and, now, Google has also to pay fees to broadcast the news.

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