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Comment Re:I think I've seen this plan (Score 1) 330

And after a couple of years, unexpectedly quickly actually, the system started to fail. The energy flow derailed from the original plan, and began to act as a giant hose - now fixed on the moon, the flow could be described as a destructive sinusoidal path on Earth. The good news is that we can predict with reliable accuracy where the hose is going to hit at any time. Thanks to Science, I know for sure that, in 23 days 7 hours and 2 minutes, my house will burn in flames.

Comment Re:Depends on China (Score 2) 325

I don't entirely understand China has elected to keep this family in power

Because the minute China stop supporting that dictatorship half a dozen country, the first of them being the US of A, go get rid of that family, and a reunited US-friendly Korean is reborn. And China doesn't want another US friendly country near by..

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