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Comment Re:The Captain has left the building (Score 2) 633

.... but you have to admit that it's going to take a mighty big course correction to fix their problems.

I knew they were done when /. quit using the Bill "The Borg, resistance is futile" Gates gif for MS news. Now it is the new vanilla "we are re-branding with the same icon because we are still relevant, no really" gif.

However, my main complaint is that Microsoft has not done enough to fix the sluggish performance of Windows on machines that by the standards of ten years ago are practically super computers. ...

There was an article here on Slashdot four or five years ago referencing a blog post by a Microsoft Kernel developer (I looked but couldn't find it in order to provide a link) but the blog post essentially said that the Windows kernel was just not written to take advantage of multi-core / hyper-threading enabled cpu's and that the kernel needed a complete overhaul to fix the problem.

Is this it?: and more recently in May:

I do think "the crew" threw him off the ship realizing that the iceberg is getting closer and closer by the day. I don't buy that he retired.

I know it is not a popular opinion, but I think it is important that Microsoft be a relevant technology company. I am not sure they are right now. They feel like RIM a few years ago. "We are still relevant, look new things!"

Comment Re:Good news for stockholders (Score 1) 633

Microsoft's stock jumps up 10%

Interesting. But, what do people expect? How the new one will be chosen? At the time, Gates didn't want to be eclipsed too easily, and his Jobs complex helping, he had someone not-that-charismatic-(...) taking over as CEO. Maybe this time MS will finally benefit from a competent leader? Someone from outside, obviously.

Comment Re:The Captain has left the building (Score 2) 633

Looks like the Captain of the Titanic is fleeing the sinking ship, after he turned the ship right into that iceberg.

It is more that the crew threw the Captain off the ship and now have the ability to steer away from that iceberg. We just have to wait and see if they actually do that or not.

Comment Re:Despite all of the complaining about it... (Score 1) 627

Well, "rm -rf / test" or "rm -rf /$x" where $x is empty are certainly dangerous if run as "root", but at least you may get a system crash before "/home/me" is reached - thus reinstalling the system while preserving the home FS may give you all your valuable data back.

Run as "me", the same command will not crash the system, but will surely destroy all what's important for you (if you keep the command running, like in a script).

Sure, handling particular cases is not best practice, but "/" certainly deserves a special mention in "rm", since the fatal "rm -rf / test /$x" does happen, even from experienced SysAdmins. Basically if any of "rm" args is "/", the command should simply abort with a message.

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