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Comment Re:Thats no way to be a good citizen (Score 1) 385

... too big and don't have the population density. I'm sure the Australians will run into the same problem sooner or later.

Australia ran into that problem a long time ago...

Population is about 22 million people according to google.

Comment Re:Fire more drones!! (Score 1) 45

Not sure if I agree or disagree with anything you said - just wanted to make the observation that NASA et al would definitely get more public funding if they used the words like Tonka more, especially if combined with standard advertising prefixes - maybe "Tonka Mega Launch System"?

No one male would object to slightly higher taxes or a one-off levy to pay for that.

It would make more sense than continually reusing names - according to the wiki, AEGIS is a military system, was the original OS on the Apollo missions, and the name has a bunch existing tech and non-tech uses.

I know there has been some mention of them reusing the name Orion recently - I think it was the Apollo command module that was called Columbia? They need to stop letting the nerds name stuff, maybe hire some marketing people from the toy industry.

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