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Submission + - Grief with Google Apps Website Migration

PdbAqB writes: "DO NO EVIL? Google Apps website migration has resulted with my site losing all backlinks, Adwords and ultimately my site's Google Ranking due to Google's redirection not being a permanent redirection (301 redirection).

Why do I need to migrate my site from Google Apps: Google Page Creator is being shut down & therefore Google Sites are being moved to a new location which "does not support JavaScript, some forms of HTML, or web hosting ... Users who don't want to be moved to Google Sites have the option to download their content, host it on another service, and redirect their existing URL"

My problem is that Google Apps email is a fantastic service that I do not want to lose; however, their web services are poor and users are punished if they move their site to be hosted elsewhere.

What solutions are available (Google has not helped with this problem on the multiple attempts requesting help)?"

Should I Publish Or Patent? 266

BorgeStrand writes 'Patenting is an expensive process, even coming up with some sort of proof that your idea is unique (and thereby try to attract financing) may be prohibitive for the lone inventor. So what do you folks out there do when you come up with a good idea but don't have the means to patent it or market it to someone who will pay for the patenting process? And how much sense does it really make for the lone inventor to patent something? Would it make more sense to publish the whole idea, and make it (and my inventive brainpower) up for grabs? If my ideas are indeed valuable, what is the best way to gain anything from them without investing too much financially? What is your experience?'

Comment Re:Amazon S3 + duplicity + gpg + cron (Score 1) 287

Hi Alives Deja Dup ( is a great program for full followed by incremental backups - however, this is suitable on Ununtu only at the moment since it needs Intltool > 0.37. I use Linux but not Ubuntu on my servers (which has Intltool = 0.35) and so need a another solution & I am looking forward to your scripts if possible. Thanks 1Place email: 1place at ipo dot com dot au

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