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Comment Qualcomm powers no GS2 and few GS3 variants (Score 1) 331

Article is wildly inaccurate. Worldwide, all GS2 phones have exynos processors from Samsung. GS3 all have exynos except for LTE capable variants made for the U.S. and those have Krait series qualcomm processors, not snapdragon. The Note2 is launching with the new LTE capable exynos everywhere, further cutting qualcomm from the largest android manufacturer. If the author can't even get the details right, why would I trust their conclusion?

Comment Re:Latte sucking sushi snarfing (Score 1) 313

Almost every parasite listed on that page had essentially no reported North American cases.

Even the few that did were mostly supplemented by a note of recent immigrants being the only ones impacted.

Sushi is a risk...but a very minor one, especially considering the fact that I can often trust my sushi chef more than the minimum wage person cooking other quick eats to prepare my food under sanitary conditions (I've received under cooked meat many times at fast food establishments).

Comment Re:Virgin Mobile is not an MVNO (Score 1) 45

Not really sure if that changes the definition of it being an MVNO, since it is run rather separately along with Boost and others by the Sprint Prepaid Group. Kind of like YUM foods operates a bunch of restaurant franchises, but they still have a great deal of independence. Sprint doesn't even have device interoperability between their primary service and Boost / VM, so having a Virgin Mobile variant of the CDMA phone at least requires different software and on a budget plan such as Virgin Mobile where you can go as low as $30 a month for unlimited text/data and 300 minutes, I think it warrants a mention.

Comment Re:no way (Score 4, Informative) 60

You may have a point. Amazon is hard to top on that front. I had a billing question on EC2 at 2 a.m. and got an immediate response from a Seattle based employee and a service credit while I was doing adjustments to get my instances right. If their load balancers had a few more features I'd call it perfect.

Comment Re:What's With All The RIM Hate? (Score 1) 220

Wow, an obvious shill. Must be a few of the jobs RIM is still hiring for. I've not laughed harder in a while (haven't heard anyone call the blackberry browser good in the past three years..LOL). Someone who doesn't even know what USB Host is good for shouldn't pretend to be in a position to judge REAL technology users. Can't do any work on that tiny screen and little keys even if the OS wasn't a complete piece of crap.

Comment Re:What's With All The RIM Hate? (Score 1) 220

Android apps I need for work include a full office suite, usb host control, document converter, checklist maker, photo editing apps, SSH, wireless printing, a web browser that doesnt stink, ability for 4g speeds to push and receive video.....should I go on? Blackberry isnt as productive and personally I cant type well on those tiny keys but get 60wpm on screen via my galaxy s2. Oh ... its also fun when not working.

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