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Comment Re:Single Point of Failure 'Fail' (Score 1) 245

I agree about single points of failure, but I think some of your points are a bit of a stretch.
However, storing excess energy using hydrogen or molten salt might be good enough to keep things ticking over until repairs are done. But of course this is just a band-aid solution.
But obviously solar plants would be great for refining ore mined in space before it is plunged down to earth where energy is more expensive (or it could be manufactured further in space, eventually).

Comment My 2 cents (Score 1) 274

Whatever you chose should really be run over a VPN for external usage. Period.

I'd look at using ownCloud - and you can get commercial support if it is required. I used to work for a company which used Novell iFolder and that was pretty good - but looking into that a little more it seems like Novell has a new thing called Filr which seems to tick the boxes (especially from a Manager perspective).

Comment Re:In Australia... (Score 1) 118

Reflecting, I think you are correct - though I think there was a gas that was an additive to the environment. I myself never worked on the farms but I did grow up in a very heavy Apple growing area. "A few years" was a slight exaggeration but 12 months definitely isn't. I think you are right about different varieties degrading differently because I find Royal Galas to be the most boring and bland apple, but I can tolerate them when they are actually fresh.

I think some storage rooms are able to be heated to 70 degrees too, so that at the end of a cycle they can clean any fungus from a room (I assume that's the reason). I heard somebody accidentally slow-cooked their dog in one of these rooms.

Comment How does it go wrong like this? (Score 1) 94

If asked, I would have said that they were in my top 5 IT sites, but the fact is that I rarely actually went to them. I don't know why exactly I didn't go more. What makes a site be at the forefront of somebody's mind when they sit down with coffee in pursuit of their daily news? The best reason I can come up with is that the name wasn't quite as punchy as "" or "ars technica"...

Comment In Australia... (Score 1) 118

We just pack the broccoli in styrofoam boxes with a bit of ice. Seems to work great. The stores just store the boxes in a cold room upon delivery. Rocket surgery, I know.

Also, if you think broccoli tastes bad then I suggest the problem is your cooking skills or your belief in anti-vegetable propaganda (probably fed to you as a child) and not the vegetable.

I wonder if Broccoli can be gassed like apples. Most people are unaware that the "fresh" apples they get in store are actually a few years old. The secret is keeping them in a store room filled with a gas to stop them from ripening further and going off.

Comment The first decent Open mobile OS... (Score 1) 127

And instead of welcoming it, people slag off on it.

It is a platform which is incredibly easy to adopt and make applications for, and it is not owned and steered by some company with a profit agenda and a mandate of openness. People still slag off on it sight unseen.

The organisation steering the project are not a bunch of scrubs and have some serious experience... And yet people slag off on it.

It is very well designed, and people still slag off on it despite having no idea of the design benefits. It understands that mobile internet is sketchy and takes counter-measures to offer an effective off-line mode and still people slag off on it. It doesn't rely on freakin Java, Objective-C, C# or the Eclipse/XCode/Visual Studio IDEs and they still slag off on it.

It has CalDAV support out of the box - and likely CardDAV soon enough. The interface is beautiful and functional. It is unlikely to have NSA backdoors... And yet people slag off on it.

It is aimed at being affordable rather than outrageously expensive like every other popular platform, and yet people slag off on it.

Although yes, most of the hardware it is coming out is underpowered with 256MB of RAM. It can run on higher powered hardware but that's not their focus at launch. I however will reserve judgement because I know my old Windows Phone 7 device with half the resources of my new Android device runs twice as fast. It won't be fast but it may not be terrible. Fucking wait a few months if you want your average $600+ powerhouse and STFU.

For once somebody decides to leverage low-income markets and instead of being positive about the opportunities and applauding the smart approach to bootstrapping a new OS, people whine about how bad Firefox apparently is even though they haven't used it in years and the true culprit of their problems were the piles of shoddy plugins and the crappy Windows XP system they were using.

As is apparent, people would rather talk out their ass rather than be constructive.

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