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Comment The Edge - Brisbane Australia (Score 1) 90

We've had a space like this for a few years now and it has been a very successful demonstration of community effort, business and state grants working together. The Edge is attached to the State Library of Queensland and provides maker facilities ("labs"), coworking space, community group meeting spaces and frequently runs workshops for various (frequently open source type) things such as Arduino workshops (run only at cost) and also journalism and (apparently) small business courses.

Probably also worth mentioning that they have one of the most impressive locations in Brisbane and that we also have a local Hackerspace as well.

I don't participate as much as I would like to unfortunately...

Comment My 2 cents (Score 1) 381

This is something that has been on my mind. I'm yet to do anything about it though.
A safe deposit envelope/satchel (as opposed to a full box) in a bank is pretty cheap - and I would additionally store the actual paper with the passwords in a "tamper proof" envelope so that I can tell if the passwords have been read since I last visited.

Comment Re:Jesus Christ (Score 1) 224

I can't imagine what it would have taken to leave a girlfriend like his. Geeks just don't get girls like that... EVER!
At first I was unconvinced of the effectiveness of what he did because he didn't really tell us anything we didn't already strongly suspect (or know) but the dialogue created has successfully provoked public awareness far beyond my expectations. It's reasonably clear that Snowden *could* gain a lot from this - but he definitely hasn't even tried. Anyway, as far as I am concerned he deserves some book deals and lecture tours.

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