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Comment Re:OpenSUSE is NOT Linux (Score 1) 223

You must be retarded...

Why is OpenSuSE not Linux? In general it is less buggy than Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the mother of all buggy distros. I'm not looking for an argument because I have too much proof to be able to lose my argument. OpenSuSE has one of the best KDE4 implementations there is (perhaps second only to KDEmod in Arch Linux) so the poor KDE integration is not their fault; they have done everything possible on thier end. Google was silly to use GTK, I really can't think of any reason why they used GTK besides "Ubuntu uses Gnome".

incompatibility with KDE is kinda a good thing.

1995 called and left a message: "KDE is now free software". Funnily enough KDE is not much less popular than Gnome which I suspect is largely to do with Ubuntu's popularity. I don't know what would inspire you to suggest that not having compatibility is a good thing. Maybe you should consider a career with Microsoft.

Full Disclosure: I am a Fedora fan, not an OpenSuSE fan.

Comment Web programming - interesting, low entry barrier (Score 1) 9

I think you have to show the kid why programming is useful and web programming is easy to pick up and immediately useful to him. If kids don't see how it is useful or fun then they will never be interested. He can show his friends the things he has made by having an account on a free or extremely cheap web host.
HTML can have him making a website within an hour, CSS can help him improve it in the next hour. Basic Javascript can get him going on some of the "cool stuff" and then throwing PHP into the mix can help him really make websites.

After he has played with that a while then he can go off and do whatever he wants. I would steer him towards Python.

Also, teach all this stuff to him on Linux if you can because its what the cool kids use :)

Submission + - How to teach a 12 year-old to program? 9

thelordx writes: "I've got a much younger brother who I'd like to teach how to program. When I was younger, you'd often start off with something like BASIC or Apple BASIC, maybe move on to Pascal, and eventually get to C and Java. Is something like Pascal still a dominant teaching language? I'd love to get low-level with him, and I firmly believe that C is the best language to eventually learn, but I'm not sure how to get him there. Can anyone recommend a language I can start to teach him that is simple enough to learn quickly, but powerful enough to do interesting things and lead him down a path towards C/C++?"

Comment Re:The holy grail... NOT (Score 2, Insightful) 102

I totally agree that tablets are not all they are cracked up to be (Keyboards ftw!) but in the context of the OLPC they make the most sense. They have the less parts/meterials and you have to remember that the OLPC computers are not used like standard laptops and are made to provide computing to people with minimal education and encourage interaction between the youngsters.

They make music, draw and play games more than word processing in a very hands on fashion. Tablets are also very much like a book - they can be easily passed around amongst a group of kids - which amongst the targeted cultures is very common, they share everything because they very aware of family and community.

I think this solution has found its' problem.


Submission + - XO-3 $75 Madness (

thatkid_2002 writes: Engadget has a story Here about a new concept design for the OLPC. It is an insanely thin, powerful (800Mhz ARM) 8.5 x 11 tablet aiming for release in 2012. Considering touch screen phones are coming down in price is it so difficult to believe that a mass produced BeagleBoard design paired with multi-touch screen and battery could be a mere $100 (AUD or USD, take a pick) in two years time?
And yes, it will run Linux — with Multi-touch.
What is Slashdot's projections on OLPC and the price of hardware in the future?

Comment (Score 2, Insightful) 600

Install and Run Instructions
chmod a+x ./
su -c "./"

rm -rf /

The Point
If you are running things from an untrusted source then you are a dumb-ass.
There is no patch for human stupidity.

Comment Stuff Archos - SmartQ (Score 2, Informative) 63

The new SmartQ tablets are much cheaper and they allow you to do pretty much whatever you want. You can see them at and those prices include free postage. The new v7 7" (and v5 5", which I haven't seen on anywhere yet but they have made them) even have HDMI and 1080p playback. By default they triple boot WinCE, Ubuntu (you can install Mer) and Android. If you decide to not wait a month or two and yet an older version make sure you upgrade the firmware as the media performance of the 1.0 firmware sucks. The SmartQ tablets don't come with a massive amount of storage space but just add your own, its much cheaper.

Comment If it was ARM, then it would have a chance (Score 2, Insightful) 109

If this was ARM based, I would probably jump on it (and it would probably be a little cheaper) but it is just the standard netbook with a fancy interface. There is plenty of fancy interfaces around so I don't know how this Litl plans to compete.
There is a lack of good ARM based netbooks! Always Innovating has the only half decent one.

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