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Comment Quality factor (Score 1) 328

I have no tangible proof, but generally PSUs that have an 80+ certification are generally much better quality than those that aren't. The peace of mind knowing that your PSU is likely to out-last the rest of your components is definitely worth it. Sometimes having your computer fail costs real world money (or equatable in-game money).

Comment Re:Don't be so radical (Score 1) 597

Bandaid, meet solution.

This kids, is what we call a Bandaid Solution - its the type of solution that doesn't really fix anything and allows the problem to fester underneath. It is generally the only type of solution that Ubuntu community knows. Don't believe me? 9/10 posts on the forums suggest a dirty hack or the blood sacrifice of a goat (on a full moon) to "fix" a problem.

These idiots are the posterboys of Linux and hell, somehow even the posterboys of FOSS? Whoever is picking these posterboys needs to be dragged into the street and shot.

I think the real solution here is to re-align Open Source/Free Software community to one of the dozen other distributions which are much more suitable. Let Canonical hawk their crappy wares over in the corner.

Comment Re:Hey, guys, at least... (Score 1) 71

Oh, so you have a decent office quite on Android or on niche OSes like Haiku? Cool which one is it?
That's what I thought.
Also, Open Office does far more formats and functions than Google Docs and I don't know about cloud MS Office, but definitely more formats. You (or your trusted hoster/friend) could also run an instance to ensure lower latency for your local area and better privacy if the software for this service is open sourced.

Comment The User Data Manifesto (Score 1) 531

I've been watching all this happen for years. It's why I set up and run the servers the way I do so that any third party services (like Amazon S3) have zero knowledge of how to decrypt my data or if possible I use software and services that give the user power over their data.
User Data Manifesto is a quite new site set up by Frank Karlitschek of the OwnCloud project (check it out, it's great) which outlines 8 points which give the user the control over their data in the cloud (kinda like the 4 freedoms, either Roosevelt's or Stallmans). It also has a list of projects which respect said points.

Comment To hell with Chrome OS (Score 5, Insightful) 283

A real Linux distro is where it is at.
The big advantage over other ARM based netbook hacks is that this one has a driver accelerated X (since ChromeOS is just a Linux distro) and not just some Android graphics driver.
Too bad it looks like they won't be selling them in Australia.

Comment Obviously (Score 1) 338

Though World War vi might be good too -

Word War vi is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game. You pilot your "vi"per craft through core memory, rescuing lost .swp files, avoiding OS defenses, and wiping out those memory hogging emacs processes. When all the lost .swp files are rescued, head for the socket which will take you to the next node in the cluster.

Comment Re:Diaspora in a Box (Score 1) 124

In-a-box works best with Linux because you can provide the entire setup in one go as well as having a built-in update mechanism... Besides, letting OSX and Windows touch the internets is a little insane. Coincidentally Buddycloud ( has a "In-A-Box" thing plus documentation/demo video to help you roll your own instance.

Comment This could *help* fix diaspora but... (Score 3, Interesting) 124

But it's probably better to put the work into instead. Far better base for a federated social network than Diaspora... And a better core team (who welcome contributors). Getting rid of all that Ruby crap would also take a lot of work, and because they're not standards based you can't just (easily) write a Diaspora node in a more sane ecosystem.

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